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I want to kill the taxi driver who...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Blue14, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Cut me off twice, and one of them he nearly sent me into the side of a semi. Coming onto flemimgton rd the fcukwit cuts me off turning right from a stright ahead lane. Then we get on to city link and the arse wipe has another crack at me and almost puts me into a truck. I sat up the mothers arse with my high beam on and gestured to the prick to pull over. He was going to cop the belting of all beltings. Stupid fcuking moron, hope he gets hit by a bus the fcuking cockhead.. :shock: Anyway thats my vent out the way. How was everyone elses day.. :grin:

  2. Better than yours, by the sounds of it!
  3. Why were you around for him to have a second crack?

    Stick ya size 12 in the scroats door, he'll learn quick enough.
  4. I got caught behind a truck and next to a truck going onto the tulla, then as i finally got through the traffic here was the little fcuker again. And Vic its size 13 dood, and believe me he was going to cop more than that..
  5. Let's hope he doesn't have a passenger at the time.
  6. Remind me Paul to never piss you off!! :LOL: :LOL: :shock:
  7. Here I will finish the sentence for you

    "I want to drive the taxi driver who... Drives a taxi, anyone doesnt matter, one less is one better"

    Sounds like my day was a lot better than yours. I would followed him till he stopped. :evil:
  8. But they were probably going to do a runner without paying anyway :p
  9. ...and I thought Sydney drivers were bad! Sorry to hear it, Paul but obviously your superior driving skills saved the day :grin:
  10. some how I think the horn or high beam is useless...

    That day, saw a taxi on the side of the street, had the feeling that it was going to pull out as I was approaching... I was right... he started to pull out.. I horn and flash my high beam.. he didn't give a sh1t.. still pulled out and I have to do swerve to avoid him.. b@stard!
  11. What the hell is it wit taxi's, do they have some sort of score to settle with motorcyclists of something? And believe me I have had my share of encounters with them.
  12. [​IMG] Ya right now, feel better?

    Settle pettle. Remember to breath
  13. Exact same thing happened to me a month back... except I repaid the taxi driver's smirk at me with a carefully adjusted driver side mirror as I blatted past. I lost zen for that moment... humble apologies.

    I often play a mental game in traffic... I spot a likely contender and predict the car/truck/etc'smovement... that has saved my arse a LOT of times!! Keeps me alert too, and I'm rarely surprised by any but the most ridiculously skill-less bone headed driving displays...

    Zen out!

  14. Hehe, I'm not sure about it being just motorcyclists they have a score to settle with. I've had to deal with taxi's on the road in a car, on a bike and once in a light truck.

    They seem to know where they are going, and thats all that matters to them.

    They irritate me :?
  15. I feel much better today.. :grin:
  16. I had a taxi do a U turn right in front of me the other day (as expected) I was gonna mouth off to him but some other dude started yelling at him over it-was quite funny! I think they prolly do the driving lessons with other 'family' members who are also taxi drivers and don't give a rats or they feel that we are infidels and should bow to them and their battered cabs!
  17. I pulled out of a servo the other day, took off up the centre lane out of 3 on main north road, and had a taxi pull from the side of the road, cross all 3 lanes and try and throw a u-turn across a medium strip... My horn, his finger... no the f#%k you did not...

    I turned around and let her rip with the throttle. Caught him in no time. He had his window down and I took the newly servo purchased can of red bull from my jacket, opened it, and in through the window, reefing the "get away fast" grip at the same time. Looked in the mirrors to see him pulling over in a hurry.

    Red bull really does give you wings...
  18. They are banana brains who often drive like their in Bangkok :bannanabutt: and their big and yellow as well.They think because they spends all day in a car they can create their own road rules.More then 1 has almost copped a movin boot to the mirror and many a :furious:

    A taxi driver put me in hospital when I was in year 8, riding to school on my pushy. Lucky I always wore a helmet. He was more interested in fiddling with his computer than watching for traffic. I left a fair dent in the front of his van. :mad:
  20. :LOL: man I can't wait till I start riding now! :LOL: I'll get to give the taxi drivers hell too.

    But then, the opinion will change once I'm out there me thinks. :roll: