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I want to go to PI and I need some advice

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Rented, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. I have a map of PI but I can't get in my mind a good idea of what the GA areas are like? I am not very interested in being by the straight during the race, I was thinking that I would rather see Siberia or Lukey Heights or perhaps even the GA area near turn 10.

    So for those that have been there, what do you think the best option is, GA or the stands on those sections?

    Thanks for your opinions!
  2. MotoGP, SBK or what?
    Approach to Turn 12 for mine, you can see them come down off Lukey (in the distance...), come around 10/11 and wind it on as they hit the main straight.

    For the big events, infield and Turn 10 is out of bounds for plebs. Siberia you get quite close, but not so much happens there. Good for photography though.

    If I was paying for a stand I think I'd try Lukey.
  3. For watching the Moto GP-

    On the grass area walking between turn one and three is pretty good!

    [-( I'm not one for seating in a stand though.:tantrum:

    jap :bolt:
  4. Mate .. I would reccommend General Admission, especially for a first timer, if your fit and don't mind the walk (track is 4.5km) there are way too many viewing spots around the track to mention. Sadly at the GP, unlike the Supers, you can't get your bike in the grounds so you have to walk everywhere.

    Lukey and Siberia are both good spots, as are turns 1 & 2, 11 & 12 .. mate it's a good track from both a spectator and a photo opp point of view ..

    thats my opinion for what it's worth,

    As for me .. this year I have shouted myself a seat in the Stoner Pavilion, but as I'm offically an "Old Bastard" I reckon I can get away with it.
  5. No opinion but an off topic question. Will you be riding in or spectating at the TTC in August?
  6. You mean at Hidden Valley? I might go down for a look. I am not a member so I can't participate, but I have been thinking more and more about changing that...
  7. Yeah the GA entry is one option, but we're from a hot place and I was thinking a stand might be good in that we'll be warmer. I fully expect to be walking around the track grounds, I always do that when ASBK is on at Hidden Valley. There is often a lot of stuff to see when you take the time to look :)
  8. I do mean MotoGP, my apologies.
  9. I was photographing at the wsb luckey heights is my favorite with siberia close second
  10. Lukey heights for the win for me bro, and it's a short walk to Syberia.

    Lukey and Siberia both have views of the tightest corners on the track which is where most of the desperado maneuvers take place. Watch some old footage of Vale undertaking into MG and it's the place to be. Then they short shift over 11 and hard on the gas around the kink into 12. So you get to see the acceleration and it's the prime spot to see who's tyres are going off first.

    Then if you wander around the hayshed to the exit of Siberia, it's the perfect spot to see them wheelie under power from the exit, hit their mark at the kink of the shed, and then disappear over Lukey like they just flung themselves off the face of the world. There's a big screen there so you can see the rest of the action too.
  11. Yes agree ' buy GA tickets and you can walk around all day to every corner .

    don't forget your boots 6 inch's of mud last year and enjoy :)
  12. Mud?? I would never know if I didn't ask here!