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I want to get a cruiser VT250C for my FIRST BIKE, Help :)?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kuruptz, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Hey guys

    I really love these bikes:

    Are they ok for a learner? this will be my first bike once i get my L's.

    I have never rode a motorbike before but i ride my bike nearly everyday to the gym so i have balance (and muscles :p), The first time riding a motorbike will be my Pre-learners course.

    Then i will be looking to buy a bike, i dont really like sports bikes and motorbike riding will be something i do for fun/casually to enjoy myself and be free

    This bike seems exactly what i want, tough looks, casual riding position and learner legal

    I am quite tall don't know exact height sorry! but between 180-190cm.

    Is there a reason i shouldn't get this model bike? (not talking about the exact bike linked, but the same model just hopefully cheaper )
  2. Nothing wrong with the 250cc cruiser as a first bike, Although you may want to look into getting a 650cc cruiser, because they are bigger and more comfortable, But the downside is they weigh 200kg, which can be hard on a new rider but if you've got the muscles to boot it should be easy.
  3. Im only 18, i thought limit is 250cc for learner

    hmmm not sure if i could handle a 650cc 200kg bike, but ive never rode a motorbike to know,
  4. depends what state u r in in nsw u can ride a 650 legally in a cruiser or trail bike

    in the act u can ride up2 a 1600 cruiser annoys me coz i live 150 meters from the act border but in nsw, if i was in the act i could legally ride my old mans kawasaki vulcan nomad 1500
  5. Can only be difficault if you need to pick it up apart from that is fine.
  6. I recommend doing the prelearner course and taking it from there. When I did my course they had 2 cbs, 2 trail bikes and a cruiser set up. Might be able to have a go on different bikes there if you're good! :p
  7. Im in NSW

    Im only looking to spend MAX $6000

    What 650cc do you suggest?

    I defiantly want a cruiser, not keen on sports
  8. For the 650 you'll be paying more then that,unless you can find a cheap one, from what i know the only learner legal 650 is a xvs650.

    You can always just get the vt250 and upgrade once you've learnt to ride, they are pretty good looking cruisers, and if its to small for you then there is the kawasaki VN 250, which i believe is the biggest 250 cruiser.
  9. Maybe have a look at a 535 Virago - more grunt than a 250 but at 180kg it's lighter than the 600~650cc cruisers. Even one in excellent condition should still be under 6k.
  10. Ofcorse once i learn to ride and unrestricted i will get a bigger bike, but for a year or 2 would the VT250 be fine, i mean i wont be on highways much just around local areas (50,60,70 mostly). I love the tough and big look of it,its a nice bike and if it goes well then its fine (i dont want to fly but be able to keep up with cars easily and get to 100 if needed with no trouble)

    Would this bike be too small for my height? around 180cm and between 85-90kg.

    Is the resale value pretty good?
  11. Can't answer on their performance, never ridden one.

    Resale, don't know there isn't much of a market for 250 cruisers although you could roughly sell it for the same price you but it for IF you don't thrash it, don't drop it and keep it well maintained.

    And only you can answer if your gonna be to tall or small for the bike, go find one at a local bike shop and sit on it, look where your legs are, are they bunched up to much? does it feel good to sit there, do you think you could sit on it all day?
  12. Then don't buy a 250 cruiser. Dunno about the VT250C but for the 250 Virago and EL250 you're talking 1/4 mile times of around 16-17s - no better than many small hatcbacks (ie Toyota Echo). Even the larger LAMs cruisers are still only around the 15s mark which is no better than a lot of family sedans (and about the same as a sports 250).
  13. u probably wouldnt find a 650 crusier for under $9000and they get snatched up fairly quickly but if ur after a cruiser and u will be hapy with it dont let any1 talk u in2 something u dont want, but on the other hand u dont wanna be stuck with something ur not going 2 be happy with i know some people like the 250 cruisers but after time u will wanna get amoungst some weekend riding we all get the bug sooner or later just keep looking at sites like bike sales n bike point dont rush in take ur time 2 find the bike u will be happy 2 ride for a while
  14. You can get a brand new hyosung 650 for 9000 + ORC.. good luck finding one second hand though!
  15. Are cruisers that much slower then sport bikes? (didnt think there would be that much difference)

    Cant cruisers go on weekend rides? why not cant they keep up or something?

    Sorry its just hard to comprehend if doing the speed limit i didn't think there would be a problem, keeping up with traffic.

    Like a Ford laser can keep up with an XR8 because of speed limits, 70 in an Xr8 is the same as 70 in a ford laser. Get my point.

    $9000 for a 650 is out of the question.

    Very confused atm :(
  16. my gpx250 could match a slower 1000cc harley, although harleys are boat anchors.

    a sport bike 250 makes around the same hp as lets say a learner legal 650 cruiser.

    Cruisers have the whole torque thing though nice strong pull on them.
  17. Cruisers cost a bit because of all the Chrome.

    The gpx250 good learner bike, alot of people have them on here, once you've learn to ride, you can wheelie it.
  18. vt250c

    Bought mine 4 weeks ago for $5400. Its a 01 model with 9700km on the odo. It is my first bike and I only learnt on a cb250 2 months ago. I find it a lot more comfortable than the learner cb with such things as gear change positions etc, though its a bastard to do U turns in ( still practising :grin: ). It lacks grunt but then you are not buying a cruiser to get an adrenalin rush :LOL:
  19. Yep, but how quickly they can get to said 70kph is very, very different - which was my point. Something you need to be very aware of before even thinking about lanesplitting or trying to out-accelerate traffic - because not all drivers are going to back off the throttle and let you in. There are more options than just sportsbikes or cruisers - try checking out a naked bike like the Suzuki GS500 or Kawasaki ER-5.