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I want to borrow your bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jimwarren, May 27, 2009.

  1. lo all,

    I am from the UK and will be visiting friends in Perth from December to January. I'd like to have some form of transport for the duration, and have been quoted silly prices to rent a bike for the time period. So....

    Does anyone that wants to make some cash have a second bike that I can use for that time period? I'm looking for something over 500cc that would be reliable.

    I will of course be fully insured and leave a deposit, give you proof of who I am etc. I will pay you an arranged rental fee - lets talk.

    A little about me. I am 26 been riding for 9 years and have a full UK licence, never had a crash and no penalty points. I currently ride a GS500 to get to work/university, I am training to be a teacher. In the past i've ridden or owned most types of bike from R1's to Harley's to dirtbikes, even a 500cc Enfield across Goa, India.

    If this seems good to you, please get in touch.

    Thanks very much, ride safe :)
  2. First post in and look what he is after!!

    Good luck mate.
    Cannot help I am afraid but am sure someone may or know of someone etc.

    Best of luck,


    ps me and family are up to your part of the world next month.
  3. You can borrow my bike

    as long as it doesn't leave my garage
  4. Cheeky bugger arn't I :LOL:

    Have a good holiday, any directions needed just ask.

    It will be fully comprehensive. It won't be an international insurance, I am currently in contact with Australian insurers about my situation.

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  5. I get emails in a similar style to this from Nigeria, the amount of oil reserves I own now are immense!
  6. Just to clarify, I'm not after your pride and joy R1's.

    Any old thing will do as long as its running and reliable. Maybe even a spare riding schools bike, that old GS550 thats buried under the usual garage crap.
  7. hey, Jim, I'm just, as we Aussies say, 'Pulling your leg' :LOL:.
  8. I would pay any kind of money, to ride Hornets bike around in his garage.
  9. #10 jimwarren, May 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015

    Always liked the blue hornets. Can i sit on it and make brooom broooom noises. :LOL:

    That is another line of enquiry im following. Although it maybe a pain in the ass getting rid of the thing.

  10. u could always leave it with a dealer on consignment and send the money over when it sells, forget this borrowing a bike business, nobody knows you, your from overseas and the trust factor would be zero
  11. Spanking idea, thanks Goz.
  12. Just out of curiosity, how much were you willing to compensate the owner for use of their bike?
  13. This is just the laugh i needed to start my day :)
  14. If the smarter guys on here realised that they could buy a decent runabout for 2k, charge him 2.5k for rent (cheaper than his other rental quotes) and then sell it for 2k after he leaves. 2.5k in your pocket for buying and selling within a few weeks.
  15. Buy a cheap second hand bike $2-3000 and then sell/give away when you leave, simple.
  16. hello English dood

    I am in a similiar situation to you
    I bought an old Honda CB1000F, its heavy and old but still goes good
    Didnt cost me much and goes great after a full service
    I will sell it soon and because I am only keeping it for less than 6 months
    I should be able to sell it for almost as much as I paid for it.

    Even If I lose $1000 on it, I dont care
    It has paid for itself after 2 weekends
    Rent a bike for 1 weekend = $510 + insurance
    Renting just aint worth it

    Good Luck
  17. bah!! thats nuthing i have more then 10 billion pounds and i win at least a million every day. plus a donkey would be die in comparison after all the pills i have been taking, and i also sold my car my house and bike for 10 times they were worth, and this russian chick absolutely adores me, cant believe my luck seriosuly..
  18. Really Kishy? So thats why i haven't got your bike that YOU PROMISED me yet! :roll:

    hahahaha :LOL: :twisted:
  19. I agree with the idea of buying a bike. Take the 7 grand the rental would have cost you, keep a couple for insurance and such, and pick up a decent second-hand sports-tourer of some kind for 5 grand. If you do any sort of decent job of shopping you should get all of that back after 6 months, and be ahead by that much.
  20. For what you want you could probably just buy bargain and return it to a bike store that pays cash for bikes, sounds like it would still end up a lot cheaper than renting, even if they give you sweet F/A for it.