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i want to accessorise my gs500

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Ferret, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. and before you all think earings, necklaces i just want a bikini!!!

    just wondering where i could get a bikini fairing for a gs 500 (naked).

    secondly i am not overly keen on the tank bag idea but like the idea of seat bag. just wondering what products and where i can get them people recommend. i have checked out the ventura seat bag it is good for easy removal, but is a bit small. also check out the oxford, but need a degree to attach it - tie here, twist here, overlap here, untangle here!!!

    looking for something that would general say fit a helmet in - or possible expandable
  2. Pretty sure I've seen people adapt gixxer6 fairing to GS's. Have a trawl through the "modifiations" category and I think you'll find a couple of thread about modding the GS.
  3. Bikini fairing try online stores or ebay. Bound to find plenty of examples. Go the whole hog and get a rack and matching bag. It's worth it. I have a Ventura on my Firestorm and it makes loading the bike up a breeze and doesn't compromise pillion accomodations or handling.
  4. Found it. EACRUISER is doing up his GS with GSXR750 fairings.

    Here's the thread:


    Here's a picture:


    If you could find just the creamy coloured bit at a wreckers I reckon you'd be able to make it look pretty darn good.
  5. MCA sell National Cycle brand screens in many sizes. Suzuki may have a genuine and overpriced screen. Didn't the GS (is it early or late?) come out with a bikini fairing for a while in the late 90s? Maybe a wrecker can help there.
  6. its a 2004 model
  7. Cant go wrong with a ventura rack and bag, theyre fantastic.
  8. i looked into the rack system, but i don't think i would use the rack all that often and handing over $370 odd bucks i thought a seat bag might be more appropriate for me (at this stage).
  9. Ferret ,i had the ventura rack and bag ,i only used it a few times ,more of a weekend away bag ,i just used a back pack.
    I just got a national cycle screen $200 and easy to put on and take off ,like 20 seconds AT MOST.
    It screws on to small clamps on the bars ,took about 1 hour to set it all up ,then you put it on or off ,depending where your going that day.
    Does and great job .
    Go the MCAS at parramatta ,there got a few different screens ,you take them out side and check the "look" on the bike.
    They look big ,but once on the bike ,ther not really that big looking.

    If your after GS500 info ,check out gstwins .com.