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I want those 'ken # hours of my life back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. Not bike related but,

    What is the most overrated, painfull movie you ever had to endure?

    Mine, The English Patient.

  2. Oh Dear
    I took my fiance and my mother in my 1961 Anglia, to a drive-in to see Doctor Zhivago. I crawled into the back seat and tried to sleep while they blubbered their way through three hours of turgid tosh. Never again!!!
  3. The aviator, most definitely. 3hrs of shyte.
  4. I know what you did last summer, its sequel and slingblade.
  5. Alexander.... Started well, but an Irish leader??? Hmmm, did not work.
    And, with all the little man/girls.... :eek: :eek: Too long, all over the place, not consistent and well, just did not like it
  6. Slinblades a classic !"hit him upside the head . . .hhamhhmmm"
  7. Where do you start :)

    Only film that actually drove me to walk out of the cinema was Traffic, what a huge steaming pile of doggy doos.

    Numerous DVD's we've hired have been pretty bad (eg Team America), I think the current hit-to-miss ratio is running at 7/3.

  8. But what about ones that were meant to be good, but after the hye died down were just crap? Particully long ones

    like; Croutching Tiger, shitting dragon
  9. One of my housemates brought back a $5 video called R.O.T.O.R

    I ended up watching it twice (demonstrating to different people just how awful it was) which means I saw more of that crapfest than the editor did.
    At first it was one of those 'its so bad its good' experiences but it refused to let up and pushed into 'its so bad it is a pox on human artistic endeavours'

    To this day I lament the time lost

    A short review, lost the link though

    R.O.T.O.R. (1989). D: Cullen Blaine
    Incredible! I watched this few years ago, and haven't seen any copies of it since then. So, R.O.T.O.R. is so hilariously bad sci-fi / action flick that you gotta see to believe it - and it's been made in 1989!. R.O.T.O.R. is like an evil version of Robocop, he is a robot cop who isn't very nice even to ordinary people. Please let me know if you find somewhere this forgotten gem of trash!
  10. Anyone else had the will-power to sit through 'The Postman'?

    5 hours of Kevin Costner related pain?

    Clasic reviewer quote:
    "Not as bad as everyone says, but still not worth seeing."
    -- Jeffrey Westhoff, NORTHWEST HERALD (CRYSTAL LAKE, IL)

    rotten reviews
  11. Water world and Roots with Wolves. Kev's done some shit
  12. The last movie I found especially painfull to watch was House of Flying Daggers.

    And any other movie a former girlfriend would pick. It's now one of the things I look for in a girl - taste in movies!
  13. "picnic at hanging rock"

    The only movie in the whole history of movie making that was completely filmed in slow motion.
  14. Yup. Gotta agree there. (hhmmaahmmm)

    My worst? "Torque".
  15. erghhh.... do you have to have endured through the WHOLE thing or can you have flicked it off before the psycotic behaviour kicked in?

    flicked it off - Starship troopers 2 - MY GOD WHAT A PILE OF CRAP! i loved the forst one, and i knew the second was done on a low budget, but no low budget could make a movie this bad. i mean look at peter jacksons early movies, they were brilliant! :D

    actually watched and unfortunately soaked some of it in - curse of the confederate cannibals - i guess i got some good gear that nights cos i couldn't get my arse over to the VCR to turn it off. deadset horrible movie, not cos of the gore, i love gore, but the painful acting and even worse story made it close to unbearable. like starship troopers 2, it was just too painful to even be regarded as funny :shock:
  16. Does 20 minutes of Blair Witch count? I had to walk out. Every time I heard that whiny bitches voice I wanted to kill....thinking about that movie now is getting my blood pressure up....
  17. Kiss Of The Spider Woman. Saw it back in the mid 80's at Hoyts Cinema's in Bourke St. My mate thought it would be good coz he liked the advertising picture outside the cinema.

    From what I remember, it was about a couple of gay dudes in prison. At 15, this wasn't that interesting to me. :?
  18. The Leprichaun films.

    By some bizarre alignment of planets or gods actively out to torment me I have somehow seen every fricken one.
  19. Just made me dizzy.

    Good PIL song came out of it tho.
  20. bwahahhahaha :LOL: yeah, they were terrible eh. and the howling :roll: geebuz, makes you wonder how they managed make enuff money for sequels with some of them :shock: