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I want this! Better start saving!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LadyYamaha, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. When my time comes I want this!

  2. Do you really? What bike would you want?
    Not sure if I love my TRX enough to have it sitting on top of my final resting place for all of eternity but good on that bloke for doing something different :grin:
  3. Yeah but it looks like that rider may have been a Ducati rider :grin: :p

    A bit more passion than the average TRX owner I would say........... :grin: :p
  4. i would give it three weeks in the sun before vandals turn up and either smash it to pieces or try to steal it for their lounge rooms. :?
  5. :LOL: It's a marble/granite/concrete/sandstone/??? TRX thats why I said that :LOL: Yamaha have another one fooled :LOL:
  6. Couldn't be... its not of a huge latte glass :LOL:
  7. I think that is amazing. Regardless of cost he must have been very special for his family to do that for him . I am touched by it .
  8. id like to be bronzed sitting on my bike! :cool:
  9. Yup... I guess they must have been one of the good ones

    good on em!
  10. What makes you think it was a him!?
  11. It was probably a condition in his will that no one gets anything unless this was carried through!
  12. Sorry Lady Yamaha ,
    My political correctness should have said "for that person" .. Didn't mean to offend .
    I am still touched by that memorial though .
  13. the only way to tell if it was a ducati (without the latte glass) would be to get a close up of the photo and see if the deceased was wearing the obligatory Ducati t-shirt......
  14. +1.

    I would rather give my kids the money it cost for that.
  15. I reckon it might have been purchased or even made by the departed, long before they carked it.

  16. The old Model T Ford owner said he wanted to be buried with his Tin Lizzy....

    ....said he'd never been in a hole that it couldn't get him out of ... :LOL:.