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I want an R6!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Just rode home from work.. am a chef so have the silly shift hours... and pulled upto an all black R6... wow... have seen them in shops and mags... but they look even better on the road!!!! had the usual nod... and funnily enough he went almost to my home so got to 'follow' him home... wow... looked so good in the corners... just wanted to ask him for a ride :p only heard good things about em and love the aggressive look... i know i'm not ready for a bigger sports bike yet.. prolly another year or so.. am willing to wait for upgrade till i can ride the ass off my lil ole 250.... but yeah... just loved the look of the bike and watchin him go :p i had to rev the poor girl just to keep up although i definitely sat in the twisty bit better.... (didn't have to change lanes like he did to get around corner) cant wait to get my open license and go for test ride!!!!!

  2. Yeah. I've got my eye on one or a cibby for when I upgrade :)
  3. Daytona675 > R6
  4. yeah a mate has a cibby... and learnt to love bikes on the back of a fireblade.... so have soft spot for honda for sure :) but the R6 just looks so damn good!!!! and the black makes it even better.... cant wati to try one ::p and the cibby... defintiely want a sports bike for next ride
  5. Judge.... read lost of good things about the daytonas on here... havent seen on in person yet..... have you ridden one??
  6. Either an R6 or a ZX6R is my next weapon of choice. :) They both look wicked...

    The bike might have a great reputation, can't say as much for the riders though :LOL: ;) Can't believe you actually got a nod... Congrats.
  7. Why oh why did they style a giant vagine on the front of the new R6?

    ... oh that's right, so people would buy the new R1 [sexiest bike evar.]
  8. *Game show noise* dum dum '02 model looks way better
  9. sucks even more when your best riding buddy rides one!.....

    it tends to make my bike look crappy! :(

  10. I'll take the RSVR in the back there :grin:
  11. chances are ill be selling my 04 r6 end of this year or beginning of next, you can buy mine, :cool:

    tossing up between the 07 r1 or the 07 gsxr 750...hmmm decisions...
  12. get a honda mate,everyone gets R6's and R1's
  13. Thats cause they own. :LOL:
  14. the gixxer 750 got an awesome write up in August edition of Fast Bikes magazine....
  15. tru,nice pic of bike,will had some bling to it???
  16. i want a R6. they're sexy as... and go quick! :twisted:
  17. its going to cost me antoher $3175 for new exhaust, stering dampener, oggy knobs, carbon front and rear fender & carbon tank cover.

    then another $800 for some pimpin fron discs plus an alarm, and brake lines. its going to send me broke.

    so far the only thing i have is a fender-eliminator, but thats not in the pics.
  18. if ya selling around this time next year DeepWater i'll definitely be interested... but gotta wait for finances to settle down :p and wanna be more than ready for upgrade when i do....
  19. Yes, the power down low, and I'm talking real low, all the way through the revs, is uncanny for a middleweight. The handling is amazing, and imo it's a very unique and beautiful looking bike.

    The R6 has next to NOTHING below 7-8000 revs. I just really hate bikes that you have to constantly rev the living Christ out of to have any decent power, and they're totally ridiculous on the street.

    The Daytona is the superior bike by a long shot imo. Test ride them both and you will see what I mean. All the hype about the Daytona ain't for nothing. :)
  20. but who wants to ride at anything less than 8grand?? sucks the fun right out of it :grin: