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I want an 1198 for everything

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ArmyLad, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Oh hey there! Fancy seeing you lovely people in this thread of mine just here.

    So, as the title states, I want a ducati 1198. (even a 1098 if its better for what I want). The only problem is that I want this 1198 for everything!

    Uhuh. Thats right. The whole lot. Monday to friday commuting in a 70km round trip, weekend trips on highways for 2hrs of 110, and less frequent weekend shenanigans up in the mountains and twisty bits.

    I also want it to be my only bike. Am I nuts? (I don't have a car for backup btw)

    I know that there are more reliable, better suited, cheaper and more economical yet better performing machines out there, but dammit I want the ducati! This is solely based upon its looks and sound. Shallow you say? You may be right. But its the truth. I'm young and I don't care about comfort or practicality. I don't want to keep my hornet 900 (which I love and is almost perfect) and get another model duc for cheaper. I can't have two bikes. (It's just not an option for me)

    So my question is- how bad would/will it really be?

    As my sole form of transport will I be catching the train lots and lots?

    Will I go bankrupt from servicing costs riding about 30-35,xxxks a year?

    Please help me. (I don't know what I need help with, but I definitely need help.)

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  3. yeah, i reckon you really do need help :)

    If that's what you want so bad - go for it.

    I would be devastated if this beast would get a few scratches and a lot of useless commuting wear and tear.

    But it sounds like you just need affirmation for the purchase :) So just do it!
  4. I use a 1100 monster as an everyday bike.
    Dont think the ergos or manners of a 1198 would be suited to the daily grind. But also want to try.
    If you can get away with it, it be worthwhile on weekends. Think you really need two bikes if one of em is a superbike.
  5. Think I read somewhere the 1098 is much better than the 1198 for the road??

    I'd say if you can handle the extreme ergos go for it!! And if you can't, you're young, harden up, you'll get used to it :) Get the bike you WANT, and ride it everywhere all the time. Much better than the guys who keep it polished and pristine and put 20km/month on it.
  6. Buy the mad bike and ride it like you stole it.

    Practical is for later. Much later.
  7. Go for it, I use my S1000RR for everything, commuting, flat out through the Hills.
    Have put 12000km on it in 7 to 8 months.

    Although I don't have to use mine all the time as I have a 4x4 so I can drive when I need to tow which I do for my work sometimes.
    And don't have to ride in the rain and cold all the time. ;)
  8. That's the kind of passion I love to hear about a bike!

    And with that much passion, how can you deny yourself your true love? No other bike will feel the same, and no other bike will satiate that desire.

    Granted, you have to take the good with the bad.

    Service costs, ergo's, fuel economy.

    My last tank of petrol on the Brutale only lasted 150km's riding mainly in second gear. Pretty crappy, but who gives a fcuk?

    I turn the key and it turns my soul!

    I say go for it!

    ***Disclaimer ***I am looking to purchase a cheap 2nd bike for commuting. Mainly because I can't bring myself to leave the Brutale sitting out and being bumped all day.
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  9. Why have one bike when you can have four?
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  10. Good luck lol!! Lets hope your service guy gives out loan bikes
  11. I know lots of people who commute, tour etc on sports bikes. It is doable. Yes it will cost you a bit for servicing and tyres etc. But hey, who are we to criticise.

    Basically do what you want.
  12. I gotta agree - buy the one you want because when age arrives, it won't let you gracefully hop on any bike you feel like.

    I had some great bikes when I was younger (I'm not an old man, I've just had a tough life), and don't regret the memories one bit. I think I would regret it more, NOT having owned them, and not having those memories and experiences.
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  13. Why ask for permission of the forum if he can do what he wants? He is looking for guidance on how much it is going to cost.

    Lets say he runs it for 3 years at 35000kms a year.

    A newish 1198 is going to cost about $22000 with a few thousand kms on it.
    A 1198 with 105000kms ish on it will be worth maybe $4K.

    That is $18000 depreciation or $6000 a year.

    Tyres would last 3500kms (maybe) so that is $400 10 times a year or $4000.

    Lets say servicing is as good as Japanese as I dont have Ducati costs, that would be $350 for a minor and $700 for a major every 6000 and 12000 kms respectively which is 3 minors and 3 majors a year, which is $3150 a year. I know that the old Ducati (996/998/999 etc) services were $1500 for a major so this is conservative I believe.

    Not counting the time value of money that is $13050 a year before you put fuel in or worry about every scratch that gets on the Ducati from parking. You could run TPP insurance on your commuter and save a bundle on your insurance for the Ducati when it is safe from parking dings. I didn't include rego because they would still have that if they buy a bike.

    His choice but personally I would rather run multiple bikes which would keep the depreciation and the tyre costs down (because you would run hard compounds on your commuter), a 250cc VTR commuter would probably save $400 a year just in the fuel difference (assuming that the VTR commuting was half the kms).
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  14. All you guys worried about depreciation will never truly experience motorcycling
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  15. Maybe, I do like you guys because you put bikes on the market for ridiculously low percentages of their new price with only a few thousand kms on it. :)
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  16. So commuting on an Italian superbike is truly motorcycling? I work in the city and see hundreds of wankers a week on superbikes (all jap tho) running squared off pilot road 3s with 2" chicken strips parked out in the street all day. I would argue that they have no idea what they are missing.

    There's a difference between being worried about depreciation and literally wiping your ass with money.
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  17. I have ridden my mate's 1198 in the city....the dry clutch is horrible at low speeds, you have to slip it constantly, you better brush up on your motorcycle gymkhana skills...

    my 600 is a do everything bike & what makes it bearable at low speeds is the smoothness of power delivery & ability to ride it at slow speeds as well as fold the mirrors back, i can even get through spots some scooter can't.

    also i remember the 1198's riding position was even worse than my gixxer....

    so you better have a strong back & core muscles otherwise it will catch up to you over time.

    I've ordered helibars for mine to make commuting more comfortable, i also do my own minor servicing to save costs, maybe you should look at that option, however the 1198 is beautiful bike, not one to squander, but each to their own
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    I've often wondered why people do. It doesn't matter what bike they are asking about you can bet the responses will be pretty much the same. And in most cases the person asking the question has already made up their mind.

    As for the rest of your post. Well my son is a SIG in the Army, I know how much he gets paid and quite frankly if you are single, in the ADF and can't afford to run a Ducati 1198 you must be pissing your money against the wall.
  19. Didnt see he was ADF. That is probably why one bike only.

    Well I guess if he wants to spend $13K a year, up to him. The kms really means that you will rarely have nice round tyres which really detracts from the 1198, which is unfortunate.
  20. Im with you OP the 1198 is a beautiful bike..I say go for it, even though youve made up your mind!