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I Want a new bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Omerd89, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. hey there people
    i always loved looking at bikes fly past the street when i was young etc
    n now im 18 n i got a nice job
    im thinking of buying a rs125 only couse its sexy n one of the fastest bikes for a learner

    is it worth buying it and if i do is it a easy bike 2 learn on

    iv never took a road bike for a spik but i been on my mates pwee50

    if anyone can help me out plz private mail me
    thanks for ur time

  2. bike

    why be a smartass for man

  3. Would you like to buy a punctuation mark? I have plenty here ()!@,./:;"'

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. :LOL:

    Looks like you need a new keyboard first! As Andrew suggested, look for a model with the above punctuation keys. It's also important to get one with either a Shift or Caps Lock key (both, preferably). It's good to see the carriage return button works well for you though.

    If you're having trouble finding one, send me a message. I've actually got a few spare ones lying around.
  5. come on guys, be nice, at least he used the "enter" key :LOL:
  6. You've ridden a Pee Wee 50, I suggest going straight for a Turbocharged ZX-14.
  7. Because I have been put in my place I'll sit back and watch.
  8. I'm willing to let the punctuation slide as long as the 'enter' key is used :)

    To answer your question, no - it is not the easiest or best bike for a learner to start out on. But that doesn't mean it would be impossible either, so if it really rocks your boat... what the heck, get it!

    Just know that with this choice you're not making the learning process easiest or safest for yourself.
  9. Im waiting for someone to chime in with "vtr250".

    RS125's are not easy to learn on, they are 2 strokes, which mean they have a very narrow powerband, and they make _all_ their power there. It will not really outperform a sports 250 4 stroke.

    Easy, fun, gutsy, comfy bike to learn on is the vtr250, they are just right in so many ways.
  10. VTR250 FTW!!!!1111oneoneone

    Happy now Frickendevil? :p

    Honestly, the VTR250 is probably the best learner bike out. No regrets for me getting a VTR250. Hell, if I had a little bit more cash I would keep it alongside the new bike.
  11. thanks man yeah ill probly get a easyer bike

    can u trade bikes at shops like cars these days?

    so later on trade 2 a apilia??