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i want a new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by stanga169, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. i have a 2006 cbf 250. find myself looking at other bikes all the time now. i want a sports bike rather than a naked . Problem is even though my bike has done under 5 thousand k's i would get next to nothing if i traded her in and the bikes i like eg fireblades , ninjas are all more than what id get, have 5 x the amount of k's and are 10 years older. i like riding i just dont enjoy riding it anymore :nopity:

  2. So what are you waiting for. But bear in mind the jump in machinery. You MUST have the skills!!! FIRST.
  3. maybe try an advanced riding course first. hard to believe after 5000k you are out-riding your 250.
  4. I couldn't find it and can't remember who posted this but it was brilliant.







  5. im not saying im out riding it , im saying it does not appeal to me anymore , i find it boring, to ride , to look at , everything is bland about it
  6. oh boo hoo, that must be awful for you.

    if you don't have the skills then i wouldn't be upgrading.

    take an advanced riders course and see how you feel afterwards - let them know your thoughts too.

    lilley - that is hilarious!!!
  7. I can tell you all now that I will be upgrading as soon as I get off my restrictions and I still have a heap to learn.
    I don't find my bike boring to ride and I still get a smile when I look at her but I want a bike that doesn't have an asthma attack every time I go up a steep hill.
    The bigger bikes I'm looking at (z750, street triple and the like) all handle better accelerate better, better brakes, suspension etc. So one could argue when ridden sensibly they are actually a safer bike.
    Everyone who upgrades still have skills to master so when is the right time to upgrade.
    BTW are you off restrictions or do you want to upgrade to a sportier Learner bike?
  8. There is no point having a bike that you don't want to ride, sell it and buy something sportier, even if it is older and has more kms it sounds like you would enjoy it more. From your post it doesn't sound like you want to upgrade, more like a sideways shift to a different style of bike (babyblade, babyninja?), just do it.
  9. well if he's looking for something more powerful, babyninja isnt really worth a look. They look cool, but are fairly gutless - which is perfect for many learners...
  10. If he is restricted to LAMS bikes then he is going to have a gutless bike, might as well have one that looks nice (y)

    250r - 26.4 hp
    CBF250 - 21.45 hp
  11. if you want a bigger bike, just go out an get one.

    keep an eye out for the low km older bikes, there was an early cbr (95 model i think) that had 4,200km genuine kays on the clock in my local paper. the guy was asking $4,500 but i didnt have the cash handy.

    there will be other cheap good bikes out there, even if they have a few years on them. maybe f4i would be a good bike. maybe early r1-6 but they have a yamaha gearbox (ie, kinda soft). sure, these bikes wont be as fast as the modern bikes but they will be cheaper, lower insurance costs, wont depreciate as much etc etc.

    number of kays doesnt mean much in the case of riding skill, i know many riders who have done alot of riding and still couldn't ride that well.

    ps; if youre stuck on lams theres still some fast bikes on there, just gotta look hard.
  12. For what it's worth my advice is if you're stuck on LAMS then stay with what you've already got and save your money.

    If you're not stuck on LAMS, ride EVERYTHING you can get your hands on and buy the bike the gives you the biggest grin that you can afford.

    You'll notice I said EVERYTHING. It's amazing how many peoples pre-conceived ideas are shattered when the actually ride the bike they never wanted or how disappointed they are when they find the bike they always wanted just doesn't do it for them.
  13. Sell her privately. You'll probably get at least 1.5 k more, which might be just enough to make something else viable (although I haven't looked at your bike specifically).

    If you're not enjoying riding, you might as well sell up and buy something you like, even if you end up waiting until the end of your LAMs period, at which point sportsbikes magically become very affordable.

    Also, from what I know about the cbf250, it might have a more recent build date than the 250cc four pot screamers, but it's not as technologically advanced, despite the 10 odd years between them. Of course you will feel this pain at service time.
  14. Oh, and a genuine 25,000 kms on a bike does not mean that it'll be clapped out, provided it has been serviced.
  15. Not suprised, not a particularly exciting bike.

    In terms of resale... I'd say you'd be able to sell it 3000-3500 privately.

    You could pick up a 90s fireblade for under 5000 very easily.
  16. OscarA, it is quite correct that a bike designed for more serious use, when ridden appropriately, IS a safer bike.

    Riding a "learner" bike is not just simply about gaining skills though...A rider could advance in the skillsets quite quickly, if it came to them quite naturally, for instance. This would APPARANTLY make it seem reasonable for them to advance to a bigger machine quickly (or more quickly).

    But there is something that is often overlooked, and that is "SR's"...The fact is....a more capable machine can get you into trouble vastly more quickly - And THAT is where that "learner" that has developed his skillset quite quickly and adapted to ridng his bike quicker than others, can and will come unstuck.

    It's just a fact of life that they have not had enough time overall on ANY bike to have been able to overcome the very powerful and sometimes deadly "SR's" (Survival Reactions). So while their skillset might be adequate, their overall judgment and ability, is not.

    Their instinctive "Survival Reactions" are STILL playing a dominant role at the subconscious level, and that's a dangerous game on a more powerful bike, as most experienced riders will attest to.

    Just a bit more to take into consideration, that's all. :)

  17. Disagree -- my first and only bike so far has been a R1 - and i dont get my full licence for another 8 weeks yet

    I didnt do any "advanced course"
  18. It's quite possible to jump straight onto a top line bike...people have been doing it for over 30 years..
    The fact that you ride an R1, in of itself does'nt mean anything.

    It does'nt make it smart, nor does it give you the best chance of developement, either.

    The fact that you did'nt take the opportunity to advance your skills through a few courses, to more closely match your bike, is just plain sad, I'm afraid.
  19. restricted for another 11 months im afraid, all it is, is that i like sportier looking bikes more than my bland cbf thats all , was basically given this bike so thats why i have it. I may just sell it and get something that i actually want . cheers for the responses , some have been helpful, some well...
  20. Take a VTR250 for a test ride I'm sure you'll like it.