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I want a Motorbike TV Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chlowen, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    As the subject says, where is my motorbike tv show? I see there are a few car ones on, but where is the TopGear Motorbike equivilant. I don't watch much TV but would love to see a bike show each week. There is more than enough stuff to keep a show going for a couple of seasons, ie what I would like to see : a review each week on the main type of bikes - sports, cruiser, naked, scooter, off road etc. A tips section for noobs. A section on gear with real world tests (come on throw a dummy out of a car with different gear on each week) A section on track rides, city rides, country rides, clubs, how to get started, courses for improvements etc etc.
    I see more and more people I know through work getting on a bike, surely a show like this would appeal to a lot of people and be a ratings winner.
    Anyone else want a bike show? or just think I am a bit nuts.


  2. I want one too.
  3. is 2wheelTalk(or torque) still running on C31.

    i dont watch mutch tv theese days

    wasnt the best production value, but what can you do?
  4. There is a motorbike show on Channel 31 in Melbourne, called Two Wheel Torque, but to be honest, it is hard to watch due to the lack of polish.
  5. channel 31
  6. Melbourne channel has one.

    Its a bit shonky, and covers mostly crap bikes, has a host with the personality of a tree but its a bike show none the less.
  7. I have been on it 3 times. I am a River Red gum.
  8. c'mon lets get some more people repeating what i said
  9. Trees generally look better the presenter of 2 wheel torque, his interview with Wayne Gardiner was painful
  10. i think there's one on Ch31, in melbourne.
    Two Wheel Torque or something...?

  11. nah i think is channel 38.
  12. we need a 'mighty bike mods' show!!

    homegrown, indie bike-centric stuff!
  13. As in the one thats on Ch31, in Melbourne, Two Wheel Torque?
  14. I don't live in Melbourne and have never heard of the show let alone watched it but I believe there is one called Two Wheel Torque on CH31!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. TopGear last night (01 DEC 08):

    Clarkson: "when was the last time you went out for a drive, not to go somewhere, not to do something, but just for the hell of it? motorcyclists do it all the time, so why don't us humans?" (delay then crowd laughter then cut to a segment on a new fancy Merc which he hardly threw around)

    I reckon, that has to be the biggest admission that riding motorbikes is a lot more fun and exciting then driving cars in general, and admitted by a very high profile car guru. Boo-yeah go bikes.
  16. I think there is one one C31, Too Weal Talk or something, it's a bit painful though! :p
  17. Check out http://www.c31.org.au

    They have one called Two Wheeled Torque or something similar.

    BTW, shit website, especially the video player.
  18. i didn't have time to go thru all the posts, so not sure if it has been mentioned... but there is a show on.... i think it's channel 31... it's called something along the lines of something something torque... Apparently it has a host with the personality of a tree.. and one of his interviews was painful... and bikes are better than cars...

    fcuk this, i'm going to melbourne to watch me some motorbike shows!!! Who's up for making it a weekend ride? mwahahaha

    having said that, it's probably televised on wednesday haha
  19. why don't netriders band together and try and make one for an online show? I'm sure there are people with expertise on bikes as well as sponsors being able to lend out bikes for testing. And maybe some members might have media skills and some with editing skills as such...

    Just a thought.

    phong =P~
  20. That's a very good thought! I like it :grin: