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I want a bike that will give me a hard on

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ad91on, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Any suggestions?

    Budget is ~$10,000, preferably less.

    Only criteria is that and jizz-worthiness.

  2. Fleshlight on a 250?
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  3. Paint job on the tank
    Some hot babe
  4. Or bloke, if you're so inclined
  5. I'll settle for the babe, current one just dosn't raise the flag so to speak anymore.
  6. v twin with a bad vibration
  7. You could get a few hundred boxes of Viagra. Just don't take them all at once.
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  8. An R1? Is your name Mario by any chance?
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  9. Surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

  10. Husaberg FS650.
  11. seriously now...

    ktm duke 690. total hoon bike...
  12. If you're having trouble getting a hard-on, then this is the bike for you:
  13. ...So it's got one. That's not the same thing as having one yourself...
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  14. If people were actually capable of making that distinction then sales of large 4wds and V8s would be a lot less than they are :p
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  15. whats a fleshlight?
  16. Could probably pick up a Superduke for 10.
  17. Ducati 749 dark
  18. I'm sure you're sick of the jokes by now.... but....