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International I wanna ride NZ. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Scuzzlebutt, May 27, 2012.

  1. I'm looking to do a short tour of NZ next summer and was hoping to see if anyone had any advise.
    Planning on 10-14days around the south island.
    Anyone heard of any cheaper places to hire a bike?
    Is it possible to camp?
    Does anyone have any must ride roads?
    Any advise and suggestion on this and anything I've forgotten (within reason!) would be grand!

  2. Must ride:
    Wanaka to Queenstown to Glenorchy.
    Road into Milford sound is pretty epic as you get close to the fjord.
  3. I was born and raised in NZ, and when i was a kid we holidayed all over the south and north island.. and camped everywhere.

    So camping's not an issue.. as for roads.. i moved here when i was 10 so i can't suggest good riding roads, but ill ask my father who rode his bikes all over when he was young so ill get back to you on that, if no one else has before me.

    Just regarding where i am from, christchurch.. i'm sure you've heard about the earthquakes.. well my family have told us about how much damage to the roads and all sorts of crap, the roads to lyttelton are pretty bad, and i'm not really sure how much is left.
    Things aren't being fixed or rebuilt at the moment due to constant aftershocks and new earthquakes.. so be careful.

    If possible you should take a month to do the south island.. as lilley said, Queenstown is amazing, milford sound is gorgeous, Dunedin is really nice i have family there.. there is a lot of big hills in Dunedin so hill starts are going to be new to you.
    and by big hills i mean big hills.

    ill edit this post and get back to you with some more info from my dad regarding riding.

    Alrighty.. dad just got home from work so he only could be bothered suggesting a couple.

    The pig route:
    Arthurs pass which i forgot.. i went there on a school camp once.. you should get off the bike and go have wander up to devils punchbowl.. it is gorgeous.
    christchurch - greymouth.
    Lewis pass:
    which connects a lot of different roads..
    Greymouth-nelson, in nelson there is heaps of camping grounds.. and really nice beaches, we stayed there on holidays often.

    then nelson to golden bay.. which has amazing seafood, and beaches, i have family there too and we used to go fishing and dad said has amazing roads (something i didn't pay attention to when i was 7)
    And back to queenstown.. to te anau.

    So there's a few to get you started, obviously you're going to plan your trip before you go so have a look on Google maps etc.

    Enjoy yourself, i still call NZ home.. i have been back several times and i hope to do the same thing you're doing and that's ride all over NZ like my father did when he was younger.
  4. +1 Glenorky, Queenstown, Wanaka.
    Add onto that Cromwell, Alexandria.

    West Coast is a must as is the Fiords.

    In terms of motorcycle roads North, Central and West of the SI.
    South down to Dunedin and Invercargill has some great roads it's just more value in the other direction imo. Also better weather.

    Be careful on the west Coast though, very wet. They meaaure the rain in feet on inches.

    Camping is definitely no issue
  5. Riding NZ is on my bucket list. **subscribed**
  6. I was 'googling' the exact same thing. Interested in this thread. Some of the bike hire options are excessively expensive. Any one have good touring companies they recommend?
  7. Just thinking about another place that you'd enjoy.. go to hanmer springs, thermal pools which smells like eggs because of the sulphur.. its really nice and relaxing, loved going there.
  8. I've moved over from NZ about a year ago.

    Did a motorbike tour of the south island (lived in Welly) about a year before I left and can really recommend it. You'll love the roads down there.

    Regardless of what I can say regarding my route I reckon you should go onto the local bike website and search/ ask on there - they are a bit strange but friendly enough.


    Happy travels.
  9. Did a 5 day tour of the South Island in Dec with the Mrs, our honeymoon actually :)

    Which reminds me, I haven't done a write up yet... :oops:

    We used South Pacific Motorcycle Hire, can not recommend highly enough.

    We went Christchurch - Queenstown (in the rain, that was a long day), Day off in Queenstown for adventuring, Q'town - Fox Glacier, Fox Glacier - Hokitita, backto Christchurch.

    Anyway, I'll do the write up & you can look at the pretty pictures, but the short of it is: Do it, you won't regret it.

    It's like Tassie but bigger & better.
  10. Wot he said about KB, except they are very strange thats why i fit in so well there.
  11. Go for a month instead, ship your own bike over, and stay in back packers. Best fun you will have in your entire life.
    I did exactly that, and would do it again in a heartbeat.
  12. Owing to the volcanic topography and short steep rolling hills in many places, Best pure 'road' ridiing roads I have seen anywhere in world.
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    If you take you're own bike be prepared to fork out on tyres. Some south island roads are very abrasive

  14. A mate and I rode the South Island in Feb this year. Our route was excellent, though I probably wouldn't bother going up to Collingwood again.

    Route and lots of pics on my website - about half way down the page linked HERE
  15. how much paper work are we talking to ship a bike to NZ?

    in cm's please.
  16. Depending on how you go about it, b#gger all. I used a motorcycle shipping company, Get routed, and only had to fill in some pretty basic details. They organise everything from Rego, insurance, roadworthy, carnet de passage, shipping insurance, and all you have to do is drop your bike off to the nominated shipping yard closest to where you reside on the nominated date, then 2 weeks or so later, rock up to the shipping yard in NZ, insert key, and ride off. Too easy. Same procedure for the return trip.
    Dunno about current pricing, but I thought it was pretty good value when I did it a few years back. You get to ride your own bike on your favourite tyres on the worlds best motorcycling roads. Just do it. It'll cost you a few grand all up, but you'll never forget it.