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I Wanna Ride a Race Bike at PI

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Christieland, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. and so does my mechanic.

    We're from California, I've been racing for a few years and have always dreamed of visiting beautiful Australia and dragging knee around your beautiful ocean view race track.

    We'd like to come in February, but there is no schedule up yet from PhillipIslandRideDays.com. Do you know when it usually goes up? Will there likely be ride days in late February?

    Any reviews or comments on the quality of the GSXR rentals? Are there any other options for renting a good race bike?

    If anyone has additional feedback, comments or advice, I'd welcome it. Thanks so much!
  2. Welcome, bring some of your Californian sunshine over with you please? Where in Cali are you from? If you can't do that, bring over some San Franciscan sourdough :LOL:

    The February ride dates will be posted up wither early December, or mid January.

    The GSXR rentals are prettty good, it's just the repair bill if you crash one of them. They are pretty much a super stock bike running road tyres, and you can hire tyre warmers. There aren't many other options for hiring a bike, depending on how long you are here for it may be worth considering buying and selling a bike.

    While you are here, you should also try and do a track day in Broadford and Winton, that is run by Champions Ride Days, totally different to PI but worth the experience.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm actually an instructor with the Skip Barber Superbike School at Laguna Seca. We provide a fleet of KTM RC8s and RC8Rs for students to use during the school, and we allow them to purchase additional insurance for $200 per day which covers any and all damage in the event they crash. Do you think the GSXR rentals offer anything similar? I'm not a big crasher, but you never know...
  4. I don't think there is the insurance option, but there is a maximum excess you'll pay if you happen to crash the bike. Someone who has actually rented a bike there will be able to chime in and speak from their experience.
  5. They charge a LOT more than $200 for insurance.

    CSS in Australia apparently charge up to $4k if you total the bike.
  6. heck to see if you can't get it in your travel insurance.
  7. A couple more questions (I am above mentioned mechanic ;) ):

    1. Is there a tyre vendor at the track that could swap to race tyres if we brought our own?
    2. Do the rental bikes appear to be well maintained? chain/sprockets/shocks serviced/brakes working well?
    3. Also, if they are crashed, are they fixed to a level so that I, as a new renter, would not being feeling the affects of the last person who overcooked the turn?

    Also does anyone have the contact for the person who publishes the schedule? They often know the schedule a short period of time before it is offically published and we would love to make our travel accomodations as early as possible to free up more cash for riding :)
  8. travel insurance covering extreme sports? i doubt it..
  9. Maybe send a message to Steve Brouggy, boss at PIRD. You never know, he might be able to arrange something?
    Insurance is a problem in this country.
  10. licensed, you can get insurance for anything if your happy to pay for it.
  11. The rental GSXR's are basically a street bike with road gear removed, and race glass fitted. some of them have stock pipes, some of them have slip ons. they all run on the dunlop qualifier tyres, but i'm sure if you purchased a set of slicks for the trip, they'd happily fit them on the day.

    definately get out to Broadford, as it's a fantastic little track. Champions ride days run the days out there, and they have CBR600RR rental bikes too.

  12. Thanks everyone for all of your helpful advice :)
  13. sounds like you'd be better off buying a track bike each and selling them when you leave, suppose it depends on your budget and length of your stay, plus contacts over here, who could hold onto the bike for you until it sells.
  14. You can get travel insurance to cover Skiing,its more expensive than lesser options,worth some inquirers,BTW it covered me for personal accident,handy when I did my ACL in Canada,but the repair cost of a track bike,probably not,but dint quote me
  15. Hi fellow riders :)

    Any suggestions on where to stay near the track? We are looking for comfy beds hopefully near a place we can grab dinner.
  16. Try The Coachman Motel or if you'd like a little more upmarket try Quest Apartments.

    The town adjoining the track is Cowes - you can google and search easily enough.

    Merry Christmas :)
  17. The Waves in Cowes is where most track day riders stay, they do a track day special for about $150. Best off ringing them and booking in. Let them know your doing a ride day and then you go in the draw to win a free ride day. Its drawn during the briefing at the start of the day.

    Good spot to meet a few of the local riders, close to the shops and pub. I did my first track day there last week and holy shit was it unbelievable!

    You will love it!!!

    If your there a day before or day after, the circuit has a shop and a 1:10 scale go kart track next to the main circuit! Thats good fun too!
  18. superhawkGIRL

    well, you can sleep with me! only 4 or so hours away from PI. hahaha
  19. keep tossin it dude[​IMG]