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I waited........ and waited....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by yindypink, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. I am so angry that I waited for someone to look at my bike for sale on the weekend and he didn't show up. :evil: He rang from Pakenham and asked how far to my house (half hour) then didn't arrive!! Time was arranged and he had the address and phone number. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. In an ideal world what type of revenge would you seek? Creativity people :wink:
  3. You got his phone number? Submit it to every single telemarketing organisation you can think of, and let them waste his time in the same way that he wasted yours.
  4. Don't bother. Karma will do the job for you eventually :arrow:
  5. That's right.
    We should never have gotten involved in WWII either, shoulda just let karma sort Hitler out.
  6. Yep, happens all the time, thats why you need to get their
    - mobile AND landline phone number
    - exact time of turn up

    and make damn sure they aren't planning to turn up at midnight and
    steal it.

    If it's highly theftable, I'd arrange to meet them somewhere before
    giving my address. Eg, if you're going to a cafe anyhow, arrange
    to meet them there and if they don't turn up you have a good time
    with friends at the cafe, if they do arrive then you can get their ID
    before taking them to your home.
  7. You're 31 and this has never happened to you before?
    Mate, 9 out of ten punters don't show up. That's just the way it is.

    The best way is to put tell everyone who calls that you're available between certain times, BE THERE, and let them work out whether they can make it or not. If they're serious they'll find a way.
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    Hitler didn't show for a presale inspection? I thought he invaded Poland.

    On second thoughts he was a bit annoyed at the time
  9. Happend to me on the weekend as well.

    Mate dont even worry about it. You'd think its common courtesy to call and let the buyer know if you cant make it or even if you have just bought another bike. Ahh well..

    Dont stress mate, they'll get whats coming to them.
  10. Yes it has happened to me, yes it is annoying...
  11. Do you guys ever get the feeling that with a name like yindypink that yindypink is a girl?

    We really need those gender icons back.

    And Yindipink - go to a phone box and ring this guy at odd times of the night (3am, 4am etc) and ask him for a pizza with everything on it, or if he wants to buy blinds for his windows, or ask if he knows the meaning of life coz you're feeling down etc etc.
  12. I have found the best thing to do is to arrange a rough time with them that you know you are going to be home, e.g morning/afternoon/evening and then ask them to call you when they are on the way.

    This way you know not to expect them until they are actually on the way or about to leave their place.

    It weeds out the people who are not really serious about turning up and means you dont have to wait around specifically for them to turn up (or not).
  13. Love the RG Blog, :).
  14. Lol sucked in!
  15. Perhaps its because Im a girl cause it happened again today :mad: Thats twice in 4 days. At least today wasn't an inconvenience to me but I hate getting my hopes up only to be let down. Ahh well, such is life
  16. you give out your actual address when meeting strangers to sell you bike? your more gutsy than me thats for sure.

    I ALWAYS arrange to meet at a nearby servo or something, then i get a chance to assess the person a little before hand.
  17. Believe it or not I am a trusting, honest person who believes in others so this is probably why it frustrates me so much. I have never experienced this before and wonder if it is limited to motorcycles? Alas the synacism and doubt are emerging with every no-show :cry:
  18. im the same as you, yindy. a pretty trusting person, who believes good on others, before its proven.

    its people like us that get rooted over so easily! seriously, cover your arse before you get burnt. DONT give out your personal address meeting someone, unless whatever your selling is secure. meet at a servo or a shop or something.

    and believe me you get tyre kickers with everything.

    good luck either way :)