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I very nearly hit a scooter yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. As I work near my missus, we drive to and from work in the car. That will change when I am off my P's. Anyway, I was driving through Sydney CBD and I came to a junction. I was at the front at the junction with a green light, but as I had no space on the opposite side I stayed where I was. I look in my right wing mirror and I see a scooter lane splitting, no problem. The traffic starts moving on the opposite side of the junction and I am aware that the scooter is there and move off slowly. As soon as the scooter gets to the front of my car, he turns 90 degrees to the left across the front of my car. He actually took the left turn at the junction across the front of my car, with me having a green light and traffic moving on the oppsite side of the junction. I tooted and he gestured that he was turning left. I didn't get flipped off or shouted at so I assume that he knew he was in the wrong. I have driving in the CBD, people seem to lose whatever common sense they have.

  2. thats scary...
    some people will never learn... and when they do... its the hard way
  3. I think riding a motorbike makes me a much better and more considerate driver. I guess you get better road instincts regardless of the means of transport you are in. If I had given it more gas I would have hit him, no doubt.
  4. Nice work Spud. Emergency averted.

    Bloody motorbike riders eh??

    As for increased instincts, you're spot on. I noticed a marked improvement in my G/F's driving ability after only a couple times as a pillion. There's something about being at the mercy of the road gods that makes MUCH more aware of what's going on around you...
  5. Myabe they should include a few hours on a bike for the driving test :)
  6. Non riding cages think that speeding will get them through peak hour traffic faster.

    Riders driving the cage in peak hour traffic know that resistance is futile.
  7. I'v ebeen saying that for a while now. I think every driver should have to go for a pillion ride when going for their licence just to see what it's like from the other side and to see just how much is actually going on around them...

    Of course when I'm the benevolent dictator of this great nation alot more things will change... :twisted:
  8. The vast majority of people out there will never sit on a bike in their life time so can you imagine the legal implications if someone is injured during their forced ride on the back of a bike!!
  9. I go even further than that - I say that as the first step to being allowed to drive a car everyone should first go through a year on P's as a bike rider. It would teach them good road habits and what's more, let them learn on a vehicle that makes *them* vulnerable rather than everyone around them!
  10. I was in Sydney last year for the protest ride about the Tolls. Since then I have a strong hatred for scooter riders. (bar the occasionaly exception) They are nothing like motorbike riders, they ride like push bike couriers, cutting in and out of traffic as they please.

    Coming back to the protest, very simple thing we all had to do, ride slowly across the bridge. For some reason, a majority of the scooter riders that joined us on this protest felt the ugre to go fast and lane split through everyone. I have no idea why they wanted to get to the end of the protest faster than the pack, but they were lane splitting without head checks, or any indiction on what they were intending to do. (Even Harley riders kick out their leg as they change lanes)

    So many of them bring their own problems on themselves :evil:

  11. YEAH!!! Too right.

    You would never get a REAL motorcyclist doing shit like that.

  12. I think that guy wanted to commit scooter-suicide

    Its becoming more and more common these days.....really! :)
  13. As much as it would improve driving skills across the board and make life a whole lot safer for us, are we going to do the same for trucks? Or Ambos? Or any other vehicle that requires special skills and or consideration on the road. I'm sure truck drivers would see things the same way when they complain about people pulling into their lane without leaving them enough stopping distance, and also when they need to get a big rig into heavy traffic from a side street. If they don't make a break for it and block some people off then they would never get into traffic, but they get abused and raged at every time. Do we all need to drive a big rig for a while to improve our general skills/understanding around/of big rigs?
  14. I saw the thread title and immediately assumed I was being targeted.
  15. All scooters should be sent to adelaide where they can feel at home :LOL: :LOL: