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I turned over 100000 today...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. ...well, my bike did. Since purchasing it in September 2008, I have done 36700 kms at an average of 2446 kms per month. Nothing outstanding as far as VFR's go, but satisfying nonetheless.


  2. so how many total VFR kilometres does that make, between the three of them?
  3. Out of curiosity, with 100k on the clock, what sort of things have gone wrong (if any) and have you noticed any drop in performance etc?
  4. i've got 13 thou more to go... not bad for an '05 GS500F ;-)
  5. {I've just turned over 140,000 on my Hornet, it had 54,000 on it when I bought it five years ago. The only problem I've had is the standard Honda Reg/Rec replacement}

    meanwhile, back on topic......
  6. The nice thing about that RC is that so many such bikes end their life with a good engine, and a crashed frame. So you can keep the thing going for a long time yet, with a steady supply of low km motors.
  7. VFR = Very Fuggin Reliable!
  8. 4 of them, actually.

    Red Gen 4 75793
    TYS 8772
    Blue Bayou 18047
    BBII 36700

    Making a total of 139312 kms.

    Absolutely no reliability issues at all. The reg/rec had been replaced by the previous owner. All I have done is put in a K&N air filter and done regular oil and filter changes. The performance feels as sparkling as it did when i bought it, better actually, because the previous owner babied it something terrible.

    VFR's rock.
  9. Well, as I've noted before, there's a motorcycle courier somewhere in England (reported a couple of years back in BIKE) who has a VFR that has done 800,000 MILES, on two engines, first one replaced at 400,000 :shock:.
  10. I was excited when the old Duc and I rolled over...we had the advantage of the clock resetting to 00000 :wink:

    That was a while ago....

  11. You have an idiot light to tell you when your stands down...nice :grin:
  12. Not on the Duc... :-s
  13. See you later, joeschmoe.
  14. No, the OP.
  15. It's now nearly 103000 and it will be a bit more than that by the time I get home on Friday!!
  16. My old Kwaka GT550 had 136,000km when I think it dropped a valve and I retired it. Would have gone much longer, I suspect, if it was a younger bike well looked after, as opposed to something that had sat for 10 years idle outside in the NT at over 100,000km. And as it was, I was pushing it hard - harder than one should an old bike - when it went pop.

    I bet RC makes 200,000km. Any other bets?
  17. My red VFR had 163000 odd when it was written off in an accident on Mac Pass.
  18. 300,000, but it wont be the engine, itll be the gear box.
  19. where are all the hyosung riders
    "my hyosung did 10km before it went BOOM"

    :) :) :)