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I tried to put someone on Ignore today

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Blabber the awesome, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. I went through all the hoops and followed the prompts,I really wanted to ignore this idiot.
    Enough was enough.

    This is the lame response I got-

    vBulletin Message
    We can't help you ignore yourself.

    DOH,"stupid netrider"
  2. Hope this is read as it was intended.
  3. I get that problem all the time. Sucks hey?
  4. ROFL nice :p

  5. Posted for Blabber who is ignoring himself
  6. lol smee :applause::LOL:
  7. Sorry but I've got both of you on ignore.

    DOH "stupid Blab"

  8. Posted for blab who is ignoring himself
  9. Hahaha i near spilt my coffee over the automatic levelling system for the dredge... blabber, im quite sure it means absolutely completely and entirely nothing to you... but you just earnt a point with me.

    smee... hahahaha nice effort.
  10. cut and paste is the first sign of a computer retard.
    Got something to say? I guess not.
  11. ... me? I thought I was agreeing with you.

    Hang on - I'll try to put myself on ignore ....

    error 404 - user caught between dimensions ...

    Uninitialised pointer descending to ox000, about to corrupt interrupt vector table ... BSOD!!!!!
  12. clever.
    i've never had the balls to try that,
    for fear of creating a paradox in space/time.
    i might just *poof*, dissapear into a black hole..

    and yes you can read inuendo into that Blabber, you sexy little man ;)
  13. Help! Let me out!
    Let me out of here! I'm just inside ....
    *tink* *tink* *tink* *tink*
    I'm behind the glass, on the wrong side of the ...
    *tink* *tink*
    I can see my chair, and the window, that's my ... how do I get out of here?
    ok.... take stock. What's in here. This is my stuff, and that's the ... lots of those pictures, yes, I've been meaning to delete those... now the network mounts off the file system, behind ... this, and there's my old machine, the wife's machine, so... this must be the modem. And look at that, there's a corridor... I wonder where this goes...
    Oh my, I could get used to this.
    Perhaps I can work out how to send them an email or something, let them know I'm alright. I'd better not do it from the local_machine though, because I don't think an anti virus program would... Don't want to try it just yet is all. Maybe one of the chat forums... We'll see.
  14. Thanks for the laugh Blabber
  15. I'm ignoring all threads with the word 'ignore' in them :LOL:
  16. I tried putting Hornet on ignore but it would appear even vBulletin isn't that powerful :D
  17. I tried putting hornet on ignore but it replied with this:

    vBulletin Message
    This member cannot be ignored. Trying to ignore him has, however, given him an extra 100 post count.
  18. Posted for blab who is ignoring himself