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I tooted the Dalai Lama

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Supernego, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. I was in the city and his convoy was leaving GG's house. He had his window open, smiling and waving.
    So i tooted him with my scooter.:moped:
    What kind of karma should I expect? :roll:

  2. hell your going to helll...... or reincarnated as a tape worm in amanda vanstones arse :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    NO, expect good karma mate. I would have shook his hand given the chance.
  3. You'll be reincarnated riding a Vespa next time :LOL:


    2000 Posts Woohoo! :shock: :grin:

    *edit 2*

    OK... so I realise that compared to Hornet600 I'm not in the race... but it's taken me ages to get this many posts :p
  4. Grats on the 2000 posts! As for the DL, I bet he'd be a scooter rider if he could :wink:
  5. Expect nothing :? expect to be soooo content,that if you received anything, then it would be an amasing gift. A gift of a smile :grin: a smile and event that has had such a ripple in your consciousness, that it has had the knock on effect of making you post on this forum, and made others smile.

    Buddhist story

    5 kids get asked "if you can 1 wish,what woud it be?"

    1st child says-"I would would wish for an ice cream!"

    2nd child says-"I wish I had an ice cream factory, so I could have all the ice dream I wanted,whenever I wanted it!"

    3rd child says-"I wish for 10 billion dollars,so I can own all the ice cream factories I wanted!"

    4th child says-"I would would wish for unlmited wishes, so I can have whatever I wanted, when ever I wanted it!"

    Finally the 5th child is asked the same question,"if you could have 1 wish,what would it be?"

    To which he replied "I wish I was soooooooo content, that I didnt need any wishes" :-k
  6. Everybody will love you for the next two weeks, after which a small team of chinese officials will visit and you will never be seen again.
  7. Karma??

    You are going to get Bikema :rofl:
  8. Tony !
    The good karma I believe was the clear skies on the western side of the mountains !! :eek:
  9. YOU ROOTED WHO???!?!!

    ... ooooooh... "tooted"...
  10. and the superior steak sandwich!!!
  11. I'd think that rooting the dalai lama wouldn't give you good karma... look what happened to Mary Magdalene....
  12. But the unanswered question is still: Does the Lama nod??
  13. either that or a team of small Chinese officials... :roll:
  14. Oh you funny funny man *looms over TonyE* :cool: :grin: