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I Thought The Movie Torque Had The Most Posers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by enforcer, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Soo.... when's the netrider visit to the screening? We could have a poser contest before hand.
  2. Or maybe a poser contest with the winner getting tickets. :D
  3. You little beauty! The bikes of Bollywood!

    I can't WAIT to see it!

    /Bollywood's great!
    //Bikes are too
    ///And bhangra music... so that's bikes, bollywood, bhangra and...
    ////Boobs! Let's not forget indian chicks. Mmmmmm indian chicks!
  4. What no helmets these guys are setting a bad example for all the young Indians going to see their movies, obviuosly they don't care about them being role models etc etc. :soapbox:

    OH by the way for anyone who doesn't get it, it is a joke
  5. I remember seeing the promo for this 12 months ago and there was this really cool scene where they throw a helmet at a 4wd that was chasing them that landed near it's front wheel making it flip over.
  6. Damn!
    I can find the torrent in German and Indian, but no English translation.

    I wanted some bad foreign lip-sync to go with the posing! :grin:
  7. hahahaha...I bet every 10 mins they get of there bikes and sing and dance :LOL:
  8. LOL, I wonder how many opportunities one would have on Indian roads to even get the 'busa out of the first gear...
  9. oh sweet...
    i think it would cool to watch
    :LOL: :LOL:
    if anyone gets a copy please PM me hahah
  10. In india they are lucky to have any thing over 250 you have to be extreemly wealthy tohave the bike they show on the promo.

    This would be one shit movie.
  11. The company i work for was bought by an Indian Software firm, so we have lots of indian staff. From what they have told me of indian roads, you would be better off with a KTM than a Busa
    If you wanted to style it up you would do VStroms and Tigers.
  12. I have just had a chat with some indian workmates, I should have a copy on the way.
    A Warning. The Director of the movie is known for his romantic movies, this is one of his first action movies. (Or so I have been told)
  13. also chat with a workmate... big cc bikes are quite the expensive over there!

    ps... nothing like a romantic bollywood action flick
  14. Theyre bad boys, specially the one on the Bandit :rofl:
  15. i recon i should be wearing a bandana as well and look hot like those riders hahaha
    though it does look good for laughs
  16. Hey Falcon Lord - when you get it, I'm mad keen to see it as well, and have a big-arse telly & A/V bonanza in the living room... :D
  17. soo loz does this mean that u will be holding the next geek night...
    or should be sayin the next bollywood night??
  18. the poser of the year is