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& I thought I was harsh

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. :shock:

    Should gas guzzlers be taxed?

    Anyone else regularly check the drive blogs and comment on them on the Sydney Morning Herald website?

    I'm "Chris S" on there... figured my response was suitably 'in place putting' - until I e-mail the comment link to my mate "Drew" :arrow: holy crap; hard words :shock:

    [it's towards the bottom of the comments...]
  2. "the evils of cars that run on anything other than tofu and love"

    Ha ha ha ha, GOLD!
  3. man your nice compared to some of those 80 grit sandpaper nazi's...

    all this over a simple premise...
  4. Commented.

    I think I was fair and level-headed

  5. :rofl:
  6. You have to make a clear distinction between motor powered and pedal powered when you say "bike" on there though... they'll probably assume you are advocating lycra and water-bottle holders :grin:

    Thanks Pete; fixed :oops:
  7. Meh. Either way is fine as long as it ruffles your four-wheeled friends. Plus there is something REALLY unnatural about calling it a motorbike..."Do you drive?" "No, I ride a .....mooootoooorrrrrbike." *Starts breathing through mouth and stareing*

    Drew-baby goes spastic when he wants to eh? Never knew he had it in him!
  8. I encourage all riders (of motorbikes) to spank any & all lycra clad bottoms, after all their asking for it! God wills it & so do I!!! Hoorah :p
  9. You just wait unitl you come up the Old Road with us....good god woman you just may go into shock. That place is crawling with 'em.
  10. Money. Absolute currency.