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I think that there is something wrong with me.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Well, I think that there is something wrong with me. I so desperately wanted to go for a ride tonight, just to get out. But the time I finished cooking dinner, did the kids homework, put them to bed then cleaned up after dinner, I was just to stuffed.

    And I didn't feel like riding a little tired and lacking in concentration. So I'm having a scotch instead!!!

    So, is there something wrong with me? Or does anyone else relate to this?
  2. Yup, feel your pain.

    Hope it's a good scotch.
  3. Take your balls out of the wifes handbag and go for a ride.
  4. The bottle or the throttle, know which one I'd choose.
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  5. I had to take a hard disc to a client this afternoon.

    It took longer to get suited up and back into civvies than it did to get there and back, but I still rode....
  6. You cant compere a single malt to a gpx.
  7. Hehehe, funny bugger
  8. I have that problem when I ride to work every now and then. "She" just looks at me and shakes her head. But I know stuff she doesn't.
  9. Problems with the missus ?
    Can I help ?
  10. Yeah I'll send her over, spoiler, she's high maintenance.
  11. ive got 4 Ducati's,still want to send her ?
  12. Even more reason, she should be home in 10 minutes including travel time.
  13. Maybe-but she will be leaking oil when she gets there.
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  14. Eeew! Nasty. Friend of mine has 3 ducatis, a testarossa and an E type and he can't keep her amused so I don't think 4 ducatis will do it big boy. What else ya got?
  15. Well played Sir!
  16. If you and your friend with all those toys cant keep her amused,I doubt its male stuff she is after.But I could be wrong,maybe she likes other things.
  17. I didn't say I couldn't keep her amused, it was you I was referring to. See you Sunday with a bit of luck, should be an interesting encounter.
  18. So she looks at you and chuckles ?
    Just remember the serial killing is only a piss take
  19. 1. People cmiss a meal every now and again so no need for dinner.

    2. The kids can do their own homework, that is what it is designed for.

    3. Demazin the daylights out of them and they wil be asleep in no time

    4. if you didn't cook (see point 1) there would be nothing to clean

    5. Go for a ride and buy a bottle of Jamesons Irish Whiskey and send it to me for making your life easier.
  20. Well that seems sorted