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I think santa hates me...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Messy, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Now, you might think from that that the fat bastard didn't bring me anything.
    I dropped hints that I would like a nice display model boat, like, sailing ships of old.

    So, what does Santa bring me? One I have to farking build!!!
    Difficulty level 5, over 150 parts to paint and glue requiring a very high level of skill.... Tweezers, magnifying glasses, pots of glue, paint and brushes. Sewing needles for all the rigging.

    Santa knows I'm impatient with fiddly stuff and I'm going to go bonkers insane doing this...

    Anyone else get interesting presents like this?

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  2. I got pipes and grips for a Harley. Took me all of two hours to fit them to the bike.
  3. if Santa finds out you don't appreciate your gift, Santa may dock the box and all in your dry harbour
  4. I got a HUGE picture (and I mean HUGE!!!) photo of some tulips with a photo of myself, my son and his fiance sort of merged into it. This thing is HUGE and gawd only knows where I'm going to hang it. Hang it I must, otherwise my sister will be offended...
  5. Maybe i'm nuts but i'd love to build something like that. You think Santa hates you?

    I didn't get any presents so suck it up & start constructing Mr Messy! :)
  6. Oh I reckon ill love it. I just know ill go insane many times over in the several months its going to take :D!

    I reckon Santa is just fcuking with me though, making me build it!

    Edit: and what do you mean no presents reesa!? You can get an admittedly smaller model for about $50 that's just as involved Mrs Mes... I mean Santa just told me :).
  7. True, you'll get hours of enjoyment out of it though :)
  8. if santa really hated you it would have been over 5000 pieces and half the size again!
  9. might be on to something!!
  10. I got more prezzies form customers than my family. My family now officially suck and are barred for life.
    You might want to fly to Mauritius Mr Messy. They build amazing boat models over there for next to nothing. You can relax, eat drink and pay one of them to build it for you..... don't tell the missus. Just I'm off to build the boat dear..and come back in a week
  11. Hmm..... Sounds like a good excuse haha. Not sure how to get it back from there though :p.
  12. get a few more kits and sail back ;)
  13. Might be a cheap way to get a boat lol.
  14. My missus said about six years ao she liked jigsaw puzzles.
    So I bought her a rothenburg 9000 piece puzzle that she has put six years into and is about 89% finished. Kept her quiet for six years, and I will never have to buy her one again. Her words.

    Bad news is the framing cost when it is finished. Wont enjoy that.

    Build the boat and spend plenty on a nice display case.
  15. So, when do you expect to regain use of your dining room table PR?
  16. What!! Not any? Not even from yourself??

    I got myself a mini tab2 thingie for reading ebooks ... it's great :) I've spent a fortune on ebooks already :cautious:
  17. and if it aint built by Easter we keel haul you :eek:

  18. I got gifts for myself. None from anyone else.
  19. C'mon, where are the "interesting prezzies"?

    I didn't get ONE motorcycling present, but I think this year must be "photo year" at our house. A tiny 10 square house and EVERYONE gives Mum and I photos..in frames..some large some small.

    The only motorcycling gift I've recently been able to arrange was a $200 voucher for Tiger Angel from the senior management of the company from which I was recently made redundant. I asked for the voucher specifically (on the sly to the senior EA) b/c I was in the process of ordering custom made leathers, and otherwise I would have got a crappy, but expensive, bottle of red - which I don't drink.

    ETA: My birthday is coming up, and my sister and mother put in together for my birthday present. As sister went to Tassie a few days after Xmas and won't be here for my birthday, they gave it to me before she left. It's a silver ball pentant which unclips and folds out to reveal.... you guessed it... more bloody photos! It's very pretty, but geez..!