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I think my clutch is shagged...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sir_b, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. 9,000+ rpm slipped launches don't grab properly and let out a horrid grinding noise, so I think I've shagged the clutch (by doing too many 9,000+ rpm launches ;) ).

    Does anyone know what a clutch is worth for a gpx? I'll be putting it in myself, so just the parts cost.


  2. Material plates are usually ~$8-18 per plate... and if i recall the GPX has 5 of them plus the unique end plate. So that would be a total of ~$90 for the friction plates. Might also be worth stiffening up the springs with a few washers for good measure if you enjoy your hard launches a bit too much. :grin:
  3. Nice :) Thanks for the info mate, will definitely pop a few washers in :)

  4. Sorry to thread mine but I'm not convinced my GPX clutch loves me too much these days either.
    It's starting to slip a little so my launches are now very much a low RPM effort so as to reduce the amount of time the clutch is engaged.
    Now seeing as I know 9/10's of SFA about my engine's internals, what sort of work is required to get into the engine to rebuild / repair the clutch?
  5. i;ve got CBR250R it does this same noise when gets to about 11500 RPM otherwise its fine;.
  6. OK, we have a top bid of 11,500 over there in the corner; do I hear 12,000?? Going once...... :rofl:.
  7. seeing as the original question has been answered, i need to ask this question, wtf are you doing 9k launches on a gpx for? it's not that far below redline, and the clutch on the gpx was never designed to handle that amount of stress???
  8. Ive launched at 12,500 rpm, but my clutch is fine. I try not to do it too often, dont wanna screw my clutch :LOL:
    thats on a bandit 250.

  9. Do not "siffen the springs with a few washers" that will only reduce the amount of travel available when you operate the clutch.

    In order to stiffen the springs "bushman style" take then out and using the edge of the vice jaws ( or a brick ) and a hammer spread the coils of the spring. Try to be as even as possible between the coils of the spring and the resultant spring free length.


    the standard free length of GPX250 clutch springs according to the manual is 32.6mm and service limit is 31.7mm.

    Friction plate std thickness is 2.9-3.1mm and minimum is 2.8mm