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I think Ive started WWIII.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz V1, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. I've been riding full on for 12 months now, during this time my stepfather who up until 5 years ago always had a bike (17 new and 2 second hand all up), has shown a remote interest in my bike, but nothing really major.
    When I visit him and my Mum the conversation always revolves around bikes and mum has been left out a bit.
    Over the past few months I have noticed an ever increasing number of motorbike mags accumulating next to his chair, the stack is higher each time I see it.
    Last week when I visited the background on the computer had been changed from their big fishing boat to a bike pic.
    Today I go there and mum tells me about a new yamaha dealer thats opened up down the road. Cool, I will check it out tomorrow.
    Moz(stepdad) enters the kitchen and starts to tell me all about the new bike shop in Epping, I ask, how do you know all this......
    "umm, I went there yesterday" he replies. Mum's face got all red and her eyes sorta turned beady. "you never told me you went there" she protests.
    As it turns out, Moz spent a couple of hours in the new bike shop, and has chosen a new bike, even to the point of talking turkey with the sales guy and getting him down from $14000 to $11900 on the road.... A new TDM900.

    Mum was silent the entire time Moz was yakking away, his eyes all a blaze with excitement......until.....
    "there's no way I'm letting you buy another motorbike" mum says in her voice of authority.
    I burst out laughing, then I got the old sideways glance from mum, "what's so funny?" she asks.
    "I knew this was gonna happen, I told you 6 months ago that Moz would not be able to go without a bike while I'm riding all over Victoria having a ball and returning here to tell him all about my fun, it was only a matter of time"
    "well, if he thinks he is going to buy another bike, he's in for a shock. It will not happen. The only way I'll allow him to buy another bike is if he sells the boat!"
    Moz replies "ah love, ya got it all wrong.... I'm not selling the boat!
    I'm selling the caravan instead"
    Then all hell broke loose, "my caravan, your not selling my caravan"
    blah blah blah....I think you can see where I'm heading here.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I'm in the bad books with my mum and she wont feed me at short notice anymore :LOL: :wink:
    Moz isn't really selling the caravan, it was just a statement thrown out to counter mums "sell the boat" demand.
    Now that the dust has settled a bit and she has decided not to argue with him, she is now insisting he get either a harley or a goldwing and must also kit her out in full leathers...lol, yeah I can just see him on a harley or a goldwing NOT! I told her if he sells the caravan then he can buy a trailer for the goldwing and the two of them can join "the U sissy's" and even have lattés on the side of the road if they put the espresso machine in the trailer, along with her other kitchen gadgets and hair rollers.

    All I wanted was a roast dinner and a quiet night watching the tennis on their huge TV, instead I got stuck in the middle of what seemed like the breakout of World War 3 and Moz and I where banished to the shed for the night.
    So, it looks like I'll have to bring the olds to coffee nights with me now, how embarrassment :p :oops: :LOL:
  2. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thats hilarious Caz!
  3. i take it his real name is Murray !

    Everyone calls him Mozza !!

    But you have shortened it to Moz ! :grin:
  4. Here's hoping she admits defeat and joins the other side Caz. ;)

    And don't worry about missing the tennis - it was crap anyway. We all knew Federer would beat Gonzalez in straight sets. :(

    BTW, the TDM900 is a fine looking bike. Very nice. :grin:
  5. Ya close Mickey, his real name is Maurice, we call him Maurie or Moz.
  6. LOL Rosie, the funny thing is my Mum has her bike license, got it when I was a teen( I used to borrow her little SR250 when she wasn't home), and she had no qualms back then about the dangers involved and how she could have been injured or worse and who would look after her two young kids then! And I remind her of that everytime she starts on the "oh you will send me to an early grave worrying about you" nonsense everytime I tell her of my plans for trips away and stuff.

    I just hope he goes through with his plans and buys a bike, it will be way cool to go away with my folks on trips.
  7. G'day everyone,......

    Caz V1: Looks like you brought a stray back into the flock,..well done!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  8. I would protest if someone said they were gunna buy that bike to... Where is the streamlined sexiness? :eek: I was only at that website yesterday pondering the pending purchase of the 07 R6 that I have planned. :cry:
  9. I envy you!

    I lost both my parents a couple of decades ago.

    Value them
    Enjoy them while they are here.

    Sounds like there is a lot of life in them yet.
  10. Hey If your mum is talking about a bigger cruser, and Moz is talking a Yammy, why not sugest an FJR as a compromise point.
  11. I know exactly how you feel Caz.
    when my BF got his bike licence, my dad would pop over & have a quick run up & down the road now & then.
    Then when I got mine, he started to say things like "Not that I'm buying one, but if I was to get a bike I'd get a kawasaki...."
    yeah...sure dad.

    he held out about a month.

    Now in the last 12 months he's owned 3 motorbikes!!!

    When dad bought the Kwaka, my mum sent me abusive txt messages about "how dare you talk dad into buying a bike, haven't I got enough to worry about!!" blah blah blah.

    Thing is he rode for YEARS before he married her. he just gave it up when they had a family.

    now the family is grown up, he wants to ride again.

    the only problem is...he currently owns his 06 Cbr1000rr, and a trumpy speed triple. And he although he's told mum he's selling the Trumpy, he's told me he wants to keep both.

    he's a naughty man.
  12. Amusing post, but when I got to the above paragraph I almost squirted beer through my nose! Not your normal type of behavior, granted, but the spark of recognition was so bright I couldnt help it :grin:

    Substitute 'noddy car' (ie: '45-7 MG YT) for TDM and you get the picture. Great story. :)
  13. Re: I envy you!

    Spot on :cool:
    my dad passed away on Australia day 1990, so I know exactly what you mean. There will always be a huge hole in my life that can never be filled but having Moz around is really great.

    nup, I'm staying right out of it :LOL:
    actually, I don't care what he gets, even a postie for each of them would be good.
  14. Who cares how it pans out, it's just a great yarn, Caz :LOL: :LOL:.
  15. Oh, this reminds me of my Dad.

    He got us into riding dirtbikes, eventually my brother & I gave up.

    Then, in September when I got my road licence & bike, Dad got all excited.

    I got up to Mildura over the weekend & Dads bought himself an old Yammy 465 & he's doing it up. He then mentioned that he wouldn't mind buying a ZX-R when I move up so we can go cruising together!!!

    & then my step mum said she's going to get a scooter!!!

    Hahaha, I've started the family back on bikes again!!!
  16. Nice way to stir the pot champ :rofl:

    I can see it now this is ya mum :tantrum: and this is what ya step pa heard while she was at it :blah:

    Oh and this is dinner at ya folks place from now on :blackeye:

    Not much wonder she's gonna be too busy to feed ya
  17. Hah.

    She'll probably not stop blaming you for a little while.
    Whilst you caused it, it's not your fault. Weather the storm.

    The same thing happened to me with my Mum being a bit dirty on me for causing my (older) brother to buy a bike.
  18. :rofl: Oh, Caz that's hysterical....well written :grin:

    If you need a feed at short notice you would be welcomed here, at least until there has been a truce called :LOL:
  19. very tempting..... :cool:
    what time do you normally serve dinner?
    Oh, BTW.....
    roasts(lamb pierced with garlic knobs and rosemary spriggs) on a Sunday are mandatory, with all the trimmings :wink:
    I'll have to ask Woodsy how long he thinks it would take me to ride to your place, I'd hate to be late! Actually, I'll leave early, that way I can have first dibs on the shank as an entree :LOL:

    EDIT: can I bring Alli with me?
    She hasn't got time to cook these days either since she got her bike! :p
  20. :WStupid:

    Would be up there as one of the funnist posts I've read here.