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I think I've killed my phone

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. I've just ridden home in heavy rain for about 40 mins with full wets on but found that my jacket pocket which had my Nokia 6230 mobile in it was not valcroed up....I took my phone out, held it up and water ran out of it :?

    it was flashing on and off at the time and I have now pulled it apart to dry it out. What do you think my chances of a full recovery are?

    I absolutely need a phone for work :(
  2. Doesn't look good.... go buy another... :(
  3. FAAARRRRRKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  4. Turn it off remove the battery etc ... Shake out the excess water then just leave it to dry. That is your best chance of recovery.
  5. Hey Kurtis

    I have a Nokia 6230 as well and did virtually the same thing. I thought it was totally stuffed and I pulled it apart and let it dry. Once it was dry, it worked okay and I haven't had any problems since.

    Let us know how you go.

    :grin: :grin:
  6. i had a nokia 6230 also about a week after i got it it started to turn itself off ... took it back warranty fixed it they said they had found moisture inside it , and i hadnt even gotten it wet , try letting it dry out and take it back .....most importantly deny everything
  7. if you can take the covers off, do so. Maybe get some compressed air in there to blow out water and avoid corrosion. Good luck

    I sat in a spa bath once for an hour with my mobile in my pocket, the most it would do after that was hiss like a cat a vibrate constantly.
  8. sounds like my ex wife :LOL:
  9. Drying it out may be better :wink: I dont think phones like being fried :wink: :grin: :grin:
  10. funny. thing is I'm expecting calls and missing out on potential work :?

    I think I'll go up the shop and see how much a basic budget nokia phone costs....any ideas on price?
  11. *biatch slaps TimVTR250* this is NOT the time.... :roll:
  12. you can usually get pretty cheap pre paids at the post office for under 100 bucks
  13. <------ has gone to buy a new phone
  14. http://www.graysonline.com.au/category.asp?PARENT_ID=3

    But before you bid, couple of things, factor in the buyers premium and the postage, use the max bid feature, read up on how bidding priorities work, check for a warruntee. Don't go for the latest and greatest on offer because it always ends up over priced.

    Edit: takes 1-2 weeks to delivery the phone to you so might not be so good for you.
  15. Bought a new budget prepaid phone for $99 its got this godawful interface with clouds and shit so hopefully i can change that! but it works.

    sim card didn't carry over my numbers though so I have lost them all :roll: not sure how that has happened, must of had them on the phone memory.

    so, todays lesson folks....when riding in the rain make sure your pockets with vaulables, mobiles etc are securely closed, or go and throw $100 in the toilet and flush :facepalm: ](*,)
  16. Yeah if you store your numbers with special info like metacontact info, type of number etc ... it will usually be stored in your phone due to the sim card not having the ability to store all that extra info.

    But yep as i said before let it fully dry out and you might be able to salvage your old phone.
  17. Or just put your phone in a plastic bag first.
  18. i dropped my phone in a puddle of water and it didnt like that at the time... looked like a disco before i finally got the battery out..... dried it for 2 days and it worked fine after that...
  19. Yep, I waterlogged a Nokia at Holbrook once, it was inside my dri -rider :shock: . But, that was the worst rain I can ever remember riding in. I stayed the night in a dormitory with 11 other riders. the smell of wet leathers etc after 2 days was most offensive . another one of lifes great adventures!
  20. I drowned my nokias (yes two phones at once) in my tankbag, I didn't know it wasn't waterproof. Anyways, pull it apart, stand upright and sit in dry warm place. Mine worked after a few hours. I bet yours will work again too.