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I think i've got a redbull hangover!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pringa8, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Ok, so the Jager obviously didn't help but I feel wired but like sh!t! Anyone had redbull hangovers?? Had a fair few yesterday...

  2. YES. I always get hangovers from red bull (yes, when I'm not drinking).

    I thought I was the only one! :grin:
  3. How weird that you mention this!!

    Saturday night I thought I'd be good and not drink so I had about 4 redbulls (I know max is 2 per day :p ) and yesterday I felt really bad. My heart was beating fast, it was hard to breathe and it kind of felt a bit like a hang over of some sort :?

    So yes, I've had a redbull hangover and it was not pleasant! All day yesterday I was thinking "man, I got ripped off - I should have just drank!"
  4. Damn, i didn't know it was 2!! Yep, pretty much how I'm feeling at work right now. Can't even feel the effects of the Jager!
  5. It's real nice with Jager though :grin:

    So how much Redbull did you drink?
  6. Is the fact I can't remember bad?? 3 of us, one bottle and I think I drank the most. Half a redbull each shot... brain.... failing....
  7. Happens to the best of us, although maybe not on a Sunday night when you have to work the next day :LOL:

    Next time, try Jager with Sprite - I think it tastes very similar to Jager with Redbull ... or I probably can't taste the difference after a few :p
  8. Im suprised i havent had a heart attack yet as i can go through 10-15 vodka / redbulls every time i go out...

    I dont drink often but i seem to have quite a high tolerance...
    (must be the european in me lol)

    My hangovers hit me really hard and im usually out for 2 days after :(
    I think its time to change my drink as i saw a story several weeks ago about a guy who had 4-5 cans and had a heart attack at the age of 26 !!! :shock: He survived ...

    I did some research a while ago and doctors say that and alcoholic drink mixed with energy drinks are really dangerous for our health.
    Alcohol is a depressant and the energy drinks are obviously stimulants - the two dont mix well with our hearts...
  9. I had 17 red bulls in 8 hours once (stupid exams and assignments).

    Never again.
  10. Holy crap!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  11. [​IMG]

  12. :LOL: I was drinking the EXACT same things last night!

    Then I played video games, and fell asleep after reading a few more pages of "How To Survive A Robot Uprising" at 2am.

    A fine evening's entertainment.

    ... I think the lack of sleep is hitting me worse than the bulls/Jager.
  13. I was trying to get to sleep!! I though the booze would assist but the redbull was obviously winning! I could feel the battle going on!
  14. Red bull has never really affected me. I love my jager/redbull but have never had trouble sleeping after it or felt crappy from it the next day, although,

    Few weeks back we were out for drinks for my birthday and some friends of mine just got back from thailand i think. They brought with them some of the real red bull. The aussie version is much much weaker than O/S.

    I had one jagerbomb with this stuff (comes in a small cough medicine type bottle) and man i was friggin wired all night! Never felt anything like it before. Fortunately, cos it was my bday, i drank like a fish and practically ended up in an alcohol induced coma that night so i slept like i had a tit in my mouth all night. Good times!

    Does anyone here know that Redbull is actually illegal in Canada? I remember a canadian friend of mine always tellin me about how they always had to drive over the border to the US to buy a few cases of it and bring it back home to drink. Weird!
  15. For some reason I drink redbull and I sleep after drinking it :shock:

    It used to work very well and I think until I got used to it and just fall asleep as soon as I drink it.

    When I drink red bull I used to be hyper active. I'll pretty much cover a whole semester of stuff in 3 days(per subject). Damn Uni
  16. When I drink Jagers, vodka or beer I ensure I drink enough so that I actually pass out. Never have a problem sleeping then ;)
  17. iveneverhadanyadverseeffectsfroomredbull,noreally,itdoesntseemtodoanythingtomeatall
  18. Ugh, i dont mind red bull, i prefer to pass out and call it a night instead of keep going :p

    Red Bull also reminds me of the Ruby Room at the Casino over here in Perth. That place stinks, broken glass everywhere too :(
  19. red bull doesn't do much for me but i make super espresso's for myself

    1 cup => 2 tbsp coffee beans, sure to keep you firing on all cylinders for at least 5 - 6 hours :twisted:
    stupid assignments and exams, however i don't recommend it as i think by the time I'm 29 I'll have about 3 or 4 teeth :roll: