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I think i've done a ring.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by N2O, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. For some reason my bike is always out of oil. It's not a british bike so the oil isn't just mysteriously disappearing like it would on a brit-bike.

    I popped the plugs and noticed the right one was VERY black. The left one had some carbon buildup, but not much.
    I had some points trouble a while back, so could the unburnt fuel from failed ignition be what's stuck on my plug?

    I figure if i've done a ring, oil will enter the cylinder, and burn and the crap will stay on my plugs?

    Sound theory?
    Or am I talking out my arse?

    If it IS a dead ring, i'll have to replace it myself (I can't afford a mechanic). Is there a special technique for doing rings? Apparently the motor was a rebuild when I bought it (around 3000k's ago)
  2. It could, but you would know easily as you would probably be leaving a cloud of blue smoke, especially when not warmed up yet.
  3. Rings aren't hard to do, no special technique that I'm aware of. Does the bike have the correct amount of oil in it to start with? Bit of a concern if the motor was rebuilt only 3K ago!

    Oil doesn't mysteriously disappear on a Brit bike. It appears on the garage floor, the footpath, your new bike boots, up the leg of your jeans...
  4. It doesn't blow ANY smoke!!!

    But where is all my oil going!?!

    When I picked the bike up it had no oil in it. I rode it for 200k's or so before I realised (yes, stupid I know). It shit itself on the freeway one day and i've been able to hear the tappers loudly every since.

    I've been diligent in oil topping up, but today something must have happened because it fcuked up in the same way when I got to uni.

    But a call to my angry mum to bring me a bottle of oil and my toolbox got me a top off that will hopefull get me home so I can do a proper diagnosis.

    The eye level has clouded over, and it doesn't work.

    I drive a '77 Triumph 2500S and I know what it's like to leak oil out of a triumph!
    I carry in my boot:
    Brake Fluid
    Clutch Fluid
    Powersteering Fluid (tranny oil too!)
    Diff Oil
    Shitloads of water.

    Oh how I love my baby.
  5. I happily admit to being stumped by this one. No smoke, no visible leak, yet oil disappears........curious :?
  6. If you ran it dry it may have cracked the head? Does the coolant have any brown staining or residue?
  7. How much oil is it using?
    Not enough information thus far to make a valid comment.
  8. Your oil may be ending up in the cooling system like taint has suggested, drain your radiator & block into a container & check the quality of the coolant.
  9. To test for a broken compression ring, remove plugs and do a dry compression test. Then spoon some oil down the plug hole and redo the compression test.

    If it's a broken compression ring, the compression test will give much better compresssion readings with oil down the cylinder.

    Accidently ran the bike with no oil? You may as well take to the engine with a sledge hammer. The sledge hammer possibly does less damage.
  10. /me bites tongue and resists the obvious mansex and engagement jokes
  11. I know it was dumb to run it dry.
    It burnt through 2.1 Litres of oil in exactly 19 days.

    The bike is air cooled, so no coolant system. (I think!)
    It wasn't exactly "dry" when I ran it, but it only had around 200ml of oil when I drained it.

    I don't know if this would make a difference, but when I take off hard and slip the clutch a little it feels like i'm spinning the backwheel when i'm not. Maybe the clutch slipping and sliding?
  12. Take it to a service place and get them to inspect/repair it rather than you stressing .
  13. You've killed it completely. Start looking for a secondhand motor, or another bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. interesting, that is a bit of a conundrum. There's only a few places oil can really go...

    where it's supposed to, outside from a leak, the chamber or the coolant system.

    If it's not going to those places, there's really not much else it can go...
  15. check the airbox, some might have gone in there via "blowby"
    other than that there's only two ways it can exit the bike, after being burned, or after being leaked.

    If it doesn't leak then its got to be burned, have you had someone ride behind you as you open varying degrees of throttle on it? i've seen some bikes that the blue plume was barely perceptible at idle, but was more prominent as the throttle was opened wider. For perspective, this is what a bike looks like when its on over-run and belching heaps of raw fuel out the exhaust. and this is what one looks like on tune (or a touch rich).

    b.t.w. i agree with the you may have rooted your engine comment. just get a compression test done after trying to establish if its burning oil at higher throttle openings.

    If its better with oil in the chamber then itll likely be a problem with the rings, or perhaps the valves are burned out/damaged (either way a top end off job) Or if it doesnt make a diff then its most likely just a valve stem seal job (its a head off job too, but its less costly on parts)
  16. I have noticed some small amounts of oil in the bottom of the airbox.
    What could this mean?
    It smokes a little at idle, but at wide open or at freeway speed, etc, it doesn't smoke at all.
  17. agree.
    the oil must be burnt.
    if there is no obvious leaks, it is being burnt.
    you dont need thick blue smoke behind you to be burning your oil.
  18. From all the info you have given, blowing smoke at idle etc ( it may be doing it at speed too , you just cant see it )

    Id say it's not RINGS but a leaking valve stem seal, still needs to be looked at by a bike shop for a proper Diagnosis :)
  19. I'm getting the compression done later today, so i'll let everyone know how that goes.
    The motor still runs, but I won't run it again until

    I'm sure that everything is ok, so I hope I haven't destroyed something or done any super-serious damage.

    What are the chances that the motor is totally cactus now?
  20. O.K, considering these facts: Ran totally dry of oil to the point of failure, losing oil, clutch slipping ( I assume wet clutch).
    If it was me, and the engine still ran O.K, I'd be running it as little as possible, and selling the bike. Either that, or be prepared within a few thousand kilometres for a total rebuild.

    Regards, Andrew.