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I Think I've Broke It Again

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by stigger, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. OK this morning on the way to work accelerate down ramp on to freeway and very strange sound (can't really describe It even now) and then the bike gets very tappety, rattly, something.

    Best description is rattly loud tapping noise... Like a rocker miles out of adjustment.

    The outcome is that I had to get it towed home.

    So the question is any ideas what I have broken, or more to the point any suggestions for a mechanic who's not going to try and extract my entire bank balance.

    The details are

    It's a Hyosung GT650, and I'm on the NSW central coast near Doyalson.

    The NRMA bloke said its the front cylinder and it still runs although loud.

    By the way the towie managed to unstrap the bike without the stand down and drop it for me. Cool huh what service!!!
  2. cam chain?
  3. I thought possibly but it's still running, maybe tensionerand its slipped???

    If it was a car I'd tear it down and have a look, but I've never pulled a bike apart before...

    And spares for these seem to be like gold plated rocking horse s**t, rare and expensive...
  4. whats the warranty on one of these?

    are you close to it or way past? cause if close, make a good speach about new and developing and see how far that gets you. you would be surprised with the right approach.
  5. Good Idea its nearly a year over but worth a try, dealer or Hyosung do you think???
  6. hmmm year doesnt sound promising.

    try dealer first as they are your represnetative. is that cerntral coast cycles. if so,, get onto to Phil. he is the owner and can seem pretty stuborn at times, but if you know him or get to know him and not bang heads with him, he is a pretty good bloke and could pull a rabbit.
    look for a favourable action and see what sort of reception you get. you have to get them to udnerstand your concerns and get it put forward to hyosung. then try followin git up personally with hyo.

    have there been any others on the hyo forum with complaints of similar things? how has your servicing been? done correctly to date by dealer?

    good luck with it.
  7. could just be a cam chain tensioner.

    Best case is just replace it. Worst case is the valves banged into the cylinder.
  8. Sounds like a valve, it still runs but loudly. Combine it with the Hyosung's reputation for dropping valves/sticking valves.
    Do not run the bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. OK Its official, Its dropped an exhaust valve and taken out the piston.

    I'm waiting on a firm quote but according to the Mechanic the last one cost $2500.

    Apparently he's had a few, they get to 20000 and drop front exhaust valves.

    I don't care how cheap they are, an engine that only lasts 25000kms is not merchantable quality.

    So after I shout at Hyosung, anyone what to buy a frame?
  10. Is 'the mechanic' a Hyosung mechanic, or just a local wrench?
  11. Newcastle Suzuki, the dealer it was bought from.
  12. Sorry twoguns missed your reply

    It was bought from Newcastle Suzuki I have the service book and it was serviced first by them and then by Chris Watson in Cessnock both Hyosung Dealers.

    Now I look it seems there are loads of complaints about them dropping valves, and the Service Manager said they seem to do it around 20000kms.

    The current consensus seems to be that the AIS is at fault, and its been removed on the rear cylender of the new ones.
  13. cut your loses,trade it back to the dealer u bought it from.he may take pity on u and give u a decent deal on a jap bike.always be wary of manufacturing standards of developing countries
  14. OK last post on the subject final quote $3639.76

    The Head alone costs $2192.70

  15. Dam stigger; thats bad luck dude. :cry:

    Repair bill is probably 50% of bikes value so probably not worth
    fixing it.

    May be better to sell as is & use the $3640 towards purchasing
    the next bike.