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I think i'm in love with a scooter ??

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by MONKEYMAN, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. #1 MONKEYMAN, Feb 13, 2011
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    well, not really "love". but more like lust i suppose. i am a guy afterall. i don't give a shit about romance and kissing and snuggle talk and all that crap. i just like to root. and i"ll root just about anything. and then i GTFOuta there.
    in fact, I DON'T EVEN CARE IF YOU HAVE AN ORGASM, just so long as i do.
    (would be nice if you could make a sandwich after though)

    this thing is new and different. yes, it is a scooter, can't deny that unfortunately.
    BUT, it is genuinely kinda cool. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
    it's got a naked bod, fairly wide foot pegs so you don't have to sit on the thing with your knees together like a faggot, linked brakes, fairly wide bars, cute little oil cooler, chequer plate alloy even. it's like some sort of variation of naked bobber chopper streetfighter scooter.

  2. Meh, looks like they took the best bits of a scooter and threw them away. Ill take a burgmann or silverwing.
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    Kinda cool...but I just can't bring myself to like it.

    I think it's the fact that the seat section still has the same shape as any vespa, and I'm just not ok with that.

  4. Daelim B-bone, because i forgot to mention that haha.
    retailing here around 4 grand i think, supposed to be avail Feb 2011, now dur.
    filters awesomely, cool commuter, need that you-tube review guys t-shirt to go with it, and perhaps the wig too
  5. yeah, so rip the seat of.
    put an old king & queen style chopper seat on it.
    i likes it dammit !
  6. ...peg scraping scooter...that's new.
  7. i loved the honesty in your first paragraph.. :p
  8. looks like someone fkd up scoots the same way sachs butchered bikes.
    drop a real engine in it and i'd consider riding it if it was free.....
  9. Not exactly a new concept.

    2001 Honda Zoomer:
  10. Did you watch the YouTube clip you posed through to the end. It did seem to turn that French bloke into a chick... Non? :p

    I've never liked red painted frames. Not on Ducatis. Not on anything. But I didn't mind it on that for some reason.

    I also liked how the bars were raised slightly relative to the floor/tank. If you had to cart shit too and fro, clamping it between your legs like the motorcycle taxi blokes do with Yr backpack in Thailand and Vietnam, raising it slightly like that makes sense. This is what I mean. Wonder if I could transport my BBQ that way...

    The whole thing makes more sense than those silly Sachs Madass things. I wouldn't buy one, but if the gf did, I'd borrow it to go buy milk.

    [Edit: Just tried google image search]
  11. I've been looking for something to replace my scooter for a while, I want a bike but I also love the pracitcalities of a scooter. This seems a good middle ground, however it would be nice if the engine was a lot bigger.
  12. Then what you want is probably something like the Arqin V3.
    250cc, automatic, looks like a squashed BMW K1200.
  13. By practicalaties, I mean being able to fit a weeks shopping or a case of beer between my legs, more in the top box and in a backpack, I would actually prefer a manual. So unfortunately I want something that looks like a scooter but doesn't look like a scooter. I don't think many bikes fit that description.
  14. Actually there's numerous step-thru designs that would fit that description. Can't buy any of them here though, because Australians just buy a car for that instead (and so would all of Asia if they could afford one).

    Probably the closest proper bike to what you want would be a Honda NT650/700V.
  15. Anyway have to wait for the scooter to bite the bullet first. Resale of a scooter with 55000kms on it is not a great deal and im better off riding every last cent out of her then trying to sell it. Then I'll get a proper bike and send the missus to do the shopping in the car instead.
  16. i wish i had never sold this

    172.5cc 2 stroke 4spd manual and engine work bbk porting carb expansion chamber pipe.. power wheelie 1st and 2nd with 110kg at the time rider 3rd clutching it but 2nd gear wheelies @ 50km/h were crazy enough, faster than most 250's in a straight line, and bloody awesome, world champion lane splitting machine, so narrow and low... really wish i still had it :(
  17. not too gay, not too gay at all, i like it.
    i have the scooter bug, somebody shoot me please
  18. I like the accent in the YouTube review... and that's about all... yum.
  19. I think i am really in love with my moped and i am just upset even to think that it has some repairs. As a girl it will sound funny that i love my bike but my bike is like that u will fall in love with it.[​IMG].
    The Mopeds are the best i have been using and moreover they are environment friendly and uses on electricity and gas to run.