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I think I'm going senile...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ad91on, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Usually I'm very good with turning off my indicators, but today... Today was a different story.

    I think 5 times i found myself putting along with my indicator on when i had no intention to indicate, and yet i wondered why motorists were avoiding me like a plague.

    Moral of my story - leave your indicator on, and you will be treated as a "special" member of society.

    But seriously. I've lost my mind! :tantrum:
  2. add the occasional swerve at the car next to you for good measure. that will get rid of them if the blinker doesnt.
  3. you may just be loosing it... ride more!

    as an interesting note on indicators today... had just left tafe, zooming along a 70 zone, and i see a commodore drive straight into the left side curb :S without indicators, then pull into the turn zone, yet again with no indicators!
  4. i sometimes push the handlebars left-right-left-right and so on in quick succession, it usually makes a tailgater keep their distance.

    i'd imagine the indicators thing might encourage people to roar past you..
  5. If you can think, then you're not senile. If you CAN'T, then you may have a problem.
  6. yet another reason for the manufacturers to get off their speed-obssessed backsides and give us self-cancelling indicators; I mean, how hard could it be??
  7. Any ides on how to make it work H man? I've been racking my brain with his very same question since I started riding.

    Perhaps some manner of gyroscope?
  8. timer linked to motion sensor; 5 seconds after the bike returns to vertical, the indicators turn off

    Link to gear change; who has their indicators on in 6th?

    Link to speed; who goes round urban corners at 80kph?

    Plenty of ways apart from these, I reckon.

    The 1978 Yamaha range of road bikes ALL had self-cancelling indicators; they were purely time controlled and sometimes turned off while you were still in traffic waiting to turn, but even that's preferable to them not turning off at all.....
  9. Actually, I like this idea. Perhaps link to clutch? Honestly, who changes gear mid corner? Normally I change shortly afterwards. Of course, the manual cancel option could stay for the odd occasion where you don't want to pull in the clutch. Such as motorway passing, I suppose.
  10. I believe, don't some beemers have self-cancelling indicatiors? One was attached to distance travelled, which meant turning off a freeway you had to indicate twice due to it cancelling.

    What I am wondering about, if there are any universal hand signals for "you've left your indicator on nuffie"?
  11. The first couple of times I went riding my mate would pass me and then open and close his fist on whichever side had the indicator still on.

    Seemed to work, but hardly universal.
  12. I'm guilty of this somewhat but I think I'm just a whoosey-girl who doesn't press the cancel hard enough at times. I followed a blue Commodore yesterday who's driver didn't bother to indicate once between Frenches Forest and the Harbour Bridge on-ramp at St Leonards. I thought their indicators might have been broken until I saw a brief flash as they moved to the Bradford.
  13. :soapbox:

    That's just bombodores, they have optional indicators](*,)

    suppose that's better than the mandatory beige cardigans / optional brains required by volvo, honda, subaru, et all.
  14. It's amazing some of the cars (especially Commodores) that apparently came out of the factory without the indicators connected...

    I think self-cancelling flashers linked to a tilt sensor, or probably even better throttle increasing, would be simple enough, but you know Honda would come up with a system involving tilt, gear, clutch, throttle position, engine temp, oil level, rear tyre pressure and a humidity reading from a bluetooth sensor in the rider's helmet.
  15. wow, it's like I'm in some alternate universe! my bike is a '96 xv750 virago which has self cancelling indicators :)

    it knows when i'm stationary and doesn't turn them off while waiting at the lights, and otherwise goes by either distance travelled or time elapsed

    it's not that hard :p

    i just assumed that if my 13 year old bike has this feature, most modern bikes would too... seems i was wrong!
  16. a digital gyro that cancels when the bike is within 10 degrees of vertical for more than 3 seconds would be fine.

    sounds like a fun electronics project for someone. Patent it and make a million when the bike manufacturers all use it.
  17. It happened to me again today, i think i went about 5km with it on...

    I am so sorry society.
  18. Eh. Your transgressions are nothing compared to those of whoever thought up Australian Idol, Masterchef and Big brother.
  19. Your posts never cease to amaze me with their insights and wisdom.

    Thank you. :dance:
  20. 20+yrs ago, you could by "beepers" which would beep-beeeep-beeeep...in time with the blinker light. Nice auditory reminders, and annoying, but you never forgot to turn it off. :)