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i think i overfilled my oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. i checked the level via the glass sight guage, it seemed very low :shock: topped it up gleafully, got a bit carried away and now it's about the full level.

    not going to explode into 1,000,000 pieces on the monash this morning is it?

  2. quick question . . . .

    When viewing the site glass, does the bike have to be vertical or at the leaning position ?
  3. vertical, so i chuck it on the centre stand
  4. Most bikes should be vertical when checking the sight glass and the bike should be on a level surface.

    The one that always gets me is dip sticks though. Some say check when sitting on top and not screwed in, but a few say screw in to check.
  5. On the gpx or Zzr The oil should be measured upright with rider on board

    Filling to about 3/4 full on the centre stand gets you almost exactly right.

    If you have filled the oil when it is on the side stand, the level will be far too high. Drain some out by waiting until the bike is completely cold (so the oil is thick) then undo the drain bolt and hold it in position letting the oil level down. jam it back in to stop the flow, then re tighten.
  6. If you checked the level when the bike was cold then do another check after you've gone for a ride and the level should drop down slightly.
  7. If you put way too much oil, the oil could bubble and get splattered as opposed to flow smoothly and cling onto moving parts and friction points. Having too much oil in the system is nearly as bad as having very little.

    So, drain some if necessary.