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I think I need some kind of support group...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Dionikon, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. almost 4 weeks on the roads and the only thing I regret is, why the hell didn't I do this sooner!

    In the beginning there was terror, then adrenaline, now there's adrenaline, and fun, along with this overwhelming need to ride all the time!

    When I first started out there was no way I would ride to work, wouldn't even look at the freeway for fear of accidentally ending up on it somehow, and had about a 2 inch strip of rubber that hit the road while the rest of the tyre went to waste. From a skill point of view my throttle control was horrible, braking was on or off, road position was hugging the left hand edge so that I could dive into the nearest garden should a truck/car/moped get to close. ;)

    So I've been riding every day after work, at least 50 km's a day, had a practice session with hawklord one Saturday (hopefully be there again this week), a ride/coaching session with a mate of mine who is a very experienced rider, group ride (albeit a very small group) on Sunday out to Warburton and back. Then today I rode to work for the first time... and survived!

    So looking back at how I started compared to now, I think I've made quite a bit of progress.

    Ride to work : done.
    Freeways : Pffft don't know what the fuss was about.
    Tyres : Wear marks now about 5 mm from the edge, and getting closer every day.

    Throttle control : getting better but still a long way to go.
    Braking : getting there.
    Road position : sorted, much more comfortable now.

    Without this site I'm pretty sure my bike would have stayed in the shed after the first day or two due to the frustration. Reading the tips / tricks from here has helped me no end.

    Thus far the most useful advice I have received are these 2 simple things:
    (well, they seem simple now anyway)

    1 - You don't have to be in line with the bike in the corners, slightly bending that straight line from the tyre to your head allows much more 'in corner' control, or at least it feels that way. (See corning 102 for more detail, and pictures.)

    2 - Your feet can move on the pegs while riding (shock horror!!!). I find that shifting to the balls of my feet when cornering and back to the middle on the straights makes it much easier to accomplish number 1. :)

    I know I still have a whole lot to learn, I'm just feeling kind of proud of myself today. ;)

  2. Good on you dionikon and welcome to the commuting club :)

  3. Who would have ever thought hey!

    Still can't believe that's me riding a motorcycle.

    Stacks of fun isn't it, keep enjoying.
  4. Here! Here!
  5. And the longer you ride it just keeps getting better - and there's always something new to learn...
  6. .....not to mention things to re learn....
  7. ..... Love it!!....(y)

    The only support you need is other riders! :angel:
  8. You have a support group. It's called Netrider.
  9. Love your post :dance:
    Just think how much you will learn by this time next year!!
    I think the feelings just keep getting better and better everytime you get on the bike.