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I think I must be insane - how often do you wash your jeans?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Not work jeans, not draggins... but jeans. You know, jean-jeans.

    Yesterday I was having a chat with a lady friend of mine. Typically feminine - anally retentive about personal hygeine (Which is a good thing) and we started talking about clothes for whatever reason.

    And it turns out she washes her jeans once a month, once every two months.

    WHAT THE fcuk?

    I wash mine once a week. Am I mad? Do I stink more than the average person? Or... what? So, netriders, how often do you wash your jeans?
  2. Shes scanky and i dont even know her but i bet you can sence her coming :shock:
  3. That's the scary thing - she's not. At all - quite the opposite!

    I just don't... i don't get it.
  4. you'll be surprised that some on here, myself included, do not wash the beloved draggins as regularly as "normal clothes".

    wonder what chuck does?

    [​IMG] 148406075_324aaeead3.

    don't wash jeans regularly cus i don't wear them regularly.

    Op, is she hawt?
  5. I wash my jeans when they get dirty on the outside for some reason.

    {That's why God invented underwear, you know.....}
  6. When they can walk on their own they need a wash.
  7. he he. if you wash them too much then you gotta keep waering htem when they are stiff. after wearing them a couple of times they get that nice relaxed feeling and fit. so they are great.

    my washing times depend on what i was doing in them. pretty much only time i wash them straight away is after clubbing. they always stink after that. even with the no smoking laws. other than that. hang after use. so they don't wrinkle. and wash whenever you remember or need them for that night out :p
  8. Lol i wear something once then wash it. Clean is good.
  9. +1

    God invented underwear? :? :shock:
  10. Well, someone did, might as well blame Him since He's been around the longest :LOL:.
  11. When they get dirty on the outside.

    I genearlly don't make a habit of making them dirty on the inside...
  12. I wash mine after about 2-3 wears, Jeans are not meant to be washed with every wearing or they wear out too quickly.
    Sometimes I toss mine in the dryer so they fit better but I wear mine until they are actually dirty or if I was somewhere super smokey.
  13. Yep, if they look dirty, wash them, but otherwise they always look, well, washed... like you still live at home with mummy...

    need to look cas man (cas-ual)...

    and it isn't even the actual washing that stops me, 'cause I am married and we have one of those magic washing baskets...

  14. I wash my kids jeans after only one wear because they normally make them filthy - my own I wash when they look dirty, stink, or if the previous two conditions are yet to apply, then after a week.
  15. I think it also depends on how often someone wears jeans & what they do in them. I know people who just wear jeans down to the shops for 20min twice a week, & they sure aren't anal enough to wash them each time after those excursions! HAHAH..

    I wash my 'working jeans' (gardening, horsey work, mucking around with my car) when they look really dirty, feel dirty (greasy, have grainy dirt ingrained from shifting soil), or start to smell (which isn't often & I don't need to smell good when I'm doing hard yakka).

    My 'nice/work' jeans I wash maybe once a week, once a fortnight.. but it does depend how often I wear them. I have a couple of pairs, so I rotate as well. I've been known not to wash pants/jeans for a couple of months! Egads! :p

    & yes, believe it or not :shock: underwear does help. :LOL:
  16. I've got five or six pairs on rotation - depends what I'm doing, what shirt I'm wearing or whether I'm wearing stilettos or boots, and I generally wash them when they get dirt on them, or when I've visited my sister - her dog slobbers and gets fur everywhere. So I wash probably a pair a week!
  17. I am with you Mik.. :grin:
  18. What Kaitlyn said...

    ...maybe 4 wears if still "clean"...

    Same deal with draggins unless it's been a super hot sweaty day or they're dirty...

    The once a month washing thing, especially if the jeans have had quite a few wears is definitley NQR.
  19. i probly get 2 or 3 wears outta mine.

    unless i run outta undies then they get washed straight away..cause theres that seam down the middle that.....

  20. 2-4 months. in the winter. Only wash them when they start to smell bad.
    About 1-2 months for my dragins which i wear a alot.