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I think I might have a bike gear fetish...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by I am the Stig..., Jan 24, 2010.

  1. In the past 14mths, I've been a bit naughty...

    Suomy SpecR1 Helmet (PS, Adelaide - tinted visor web from US, 50% off AU)

    Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves (Web, 40% off AU)

    Teknic Violator 2-piece leathers (Web, 80% off AU price, delivered...)

    Teknic Hurricane Textile jacket (web 40% off AU)

    Sidi Vortice boots (web, deliverery from uk included - 43% off AU price)

    And I was only after a textile jacket and helmet following an off/more commuting...:angel:

    Anyone else with this problem, is there a self help group/medication available?? Admittedly, if the power of the internet and ebay.com/ebay.co.uk (forget ebay.com.au folks... international search doesn't work AT all...) then I wouldn't be sitting on all this shiny kit. If the aussie dealers (hey, GFC affects consumer as well as dealer8-[, quantity over mark-up guys](*,), especially when the currency is soooo strong!!!) were closer to what I could do through a bit of market research, then I'd have bought it all down the road. Maybe next time...:-s

    I now have a 2nd set of admittedly inferior gear, but it'll come in very handy for getting the missus on the back/as backup gear when it's rainy season!
  2. I spent today at the Island Classic at PI.

    While my husband was looking at everyone's bikes, I was obsessively looking at everyone's helmets and planning purchases.

    I'm going to have a helmet collection that rivals my bag collection before long :(

    I'd love to do what you do and buy gear from the web - how can you be sure the stuff you buy is going to fit?
  3. Try it on in store first or use sizing charts/guides or guess.
  4. its only a fetish if you are wearing the gear for non-bike-riding activities:shock:
  5. May I ask which online stores you have used with your purchases?
  6. I have a complete set from when I started out in 2006/7, when my budget was a lot less and the quality a bit more questionable - I base my sizing on: a) what I already have and b) from comparing to what the local suppliers have. BTW - I always try on gear with the intention of buying locally, and am willing to pay a bit more to support the local shops, but once you're getting above 20%, it's hard to justify (and stores in the US/UK would price match if given the chance 9/10) paying the extra - if the shop in the uk can sell 2-piece leathers at a profit for 200pounds (about $360 at todays exchange rate) then the aussie shop selling the same suit for $1000 is making a bit of a markup, even in it's "sale"...:-s

    As for stores, some ship internationally, some don't. It can help to have relatives/friends overseas whose houses you can fill with boxes until your/their next trip over!

    ebay.com/ebay.co.uk is a great source for bargains at great prices thanks to the strong aussie. I've purchased Sidi vortice boots from "raceleathers" in the UK ($460, inc. shipping to Oz...), Alpinestars GP-Pro's from Singapore for $100, Teknic 2-piece leathers from Motorcyclesuperstore.co.uk (they only ship to the UK, thanks mum! Can't reccomend Paul enough for the kit and the level of service helping me with advice on sizings etc) for $400 and even some draggin jeans from a uk supplier for about $80. All adds up.

    Think there are a few shops in the US that will ship internationally for a small fee/free over certain amount ordered. Best bet is to search with the .com or .co.uk versions of google and you'll get shops from the us and uk, rather than the usual suspects through google.com.au.](*,)

    Few other sites:

    Have fun looking!!