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i think i just lost my load

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Blodders, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. was google earthing my trip to sydney next week and i came across this road...
    got to love procrastination

  2. Interesting title, you must have enjoyed the sight of the road for you to loose your load, or maybe you are a 1min person :p :LOL:
  3. Is it sealed or unsealed?
  4. you mean it's not a race :shock:
  5. do you mean the river in the middle or that track on the upper right????
  6. I'm hoping to "lose my load" tonight :LOL:
  7. is it a road or a river?
  8. blodders mate, that looks very much like a river....
  9. Maybe it freezes in the winter and you can ride it with a supermotard and ice spikes?
  10. Hey boys, a bit slow there!!

    Look back at post number 5 written by an extrenely inteli,,,,intelleg......entill..............smart guy!
  11. Then get a tank bag or Ventura rack etc. i hear it help considerably in these situations. :LOL: