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I think I just bought my first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Gobberwart, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. And I'm ridiculously excited! Maybe too excited, or maybe I'm exactly as excited as I should be. I can't tell.

    After nearly getting sucked into buying a Hyosung (thanks Netriders for setting me straight) I happened to come across a newly traded 2010 Yamaha XVS650A at a very reputable dealer and I think I've got a really good price, maybe even a bargain.

    It's only done 4800km and is absolutely immaculate. When I saw it, it hadn't even been washed by the dealer and it looked fresh from the factory.

    $7990 on the road, with warranty etc

    At this stage, I've paid a small deposit and I'm waiting on the paperwork.

    Before I sign my life away, can anyone confirm that this is in fact as good a deal as it seems?

  2. Almost exactly the same bike - same colour and all. That one's almost a grand more, has no RWC, no warranty and it's (almost) out of rego. Giddy with excitement, me ;)

    Trying to contain myself until it's actually in my hands.
  3. Im having an urge to see if i can arrange a test ride of one of these. Ive seen a couple of nice looking cruisers of late and have been contemplating my next ride. Id love to hear how it goes.
  4. my dad just traded his Yamaha XV1900 in for a Honda fury 1300 chopper thingo lol the 1900 is so heavy haha
  5. Maybe it's was the dealers demo model.
    I hope not,for your sake.
  6. Wouldn't normally put that many k on a demo would they?
  7. According to vicroads, it's currently privately registered, which supports the trade in story. I'm led to believe the previous owner wanted something bigger and just hasn't ridden it much.
  8. Probably half that,begs the question though.
    Would you buy an ex-demo,I wouldn't.
  9. Bought a few ex demo cars, never been a problem, would bikes be any different? At least you know it's not likely to be a lemon. Sounds like this one is a genuine trade anyway.
  10. Here's a pic for anyone interested :)

  11. Hey now we are talking
  12. Ebay some vance hines slip ons .
    Sell the screen to an old man - there actually
  13. Nice bike mate, great colour.
  14. congrats on th ebike Gobberwart, keep the screen for the cold , wet season, remove for summer but wear the tootk guard, those insects taste terrible lol
    I had me a classic once, comfy and easy ride, enjoy :)
  15. Some bugs taste ok
  16. I wouldn't buy an ex-demo bike, I know how I treat them. An ex demo car, different story. Car dealers will put a car on as a 'demo' simply to improve their 'sales' for the month, so when they get sold to the public they have very few km on them. However, beware, the warranty for starts when the vehicle is registered.
  17. bugs are only a problem if you wear an open face helmet.
  18. a demo model with 4800 on the clock.
    i think not.
  19. I'd agree with that. However, given the low KM's it might be worth doing a REVS check on it to make sure there's no outstanding finance on bike.