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I think I invented a new motorcycle GPS

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by dima, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Will try how it works tomorrow :)

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  2. I love it, but can you please re-size that picture down to around 1024x768?
  3. Sorry. Made it smaller.
  4. Whats the average standby time and how often do
    You have to charge
  5. It's obviously NOT the new Apple iOS6 version, which puts seaside Kiama 6kms inland :LOL:
  6. Heathen! I'm hiring Apple's lawyers to sue you for a billion dollars for copying my idea which I more-or-less copied from someone else in the first place.

  7. Awesome work :)
  8. Must be the new google maps on the iso 6 :)
  9. Nothing new, but an improvement over Post-it notes which do tend to lose adhesion at 100kph.

    Of course if you want to get really fancy you could try fitting a bog roll of pace notes Dakar Rally style - just hope it doesn't rain.
  10. Standby time - until the heavy rain. Which in Melb may vary from a few hrs to weeks :)
    Charging isn't a problem - the problem to switch it off.
    When I don't need it it still shows white leftovers until I finally scratch the screen :)
  11. no, you cannot sue me because the devise is totally different and patented :angel:

    It is the most advanced technology produced to date.
  12. I reckon this devise is much more precise than that useless iOS 6 version.
    More reliable that's for sure :)
  13. can you play angry birds on it??
  14. I tried to make one, but I must have done it wrong as the screen froze up after a couple of turns :-(
  15. Well, stop riding in cold weather, d'uh :LOL:
  16. Did you try turning it off and back on again?