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I think I have worked it out.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. As usual i can't find anything that is exactly what I want in the world.

    I love teh frame geomitry of Super sports bikes, but that aggressive no movements sadle just doesn't work for me.

    Given the oportunity I'd love something like a Trumpy Daytona with the Sprint ST Saddle.

    Or Maybe a Duke 748 frame...

    For those who can't find any one bike to suite them.
    What two (or more bikes would you chop and change to make your perfect bike... And why?

  2. try a daytona 675 with gel pad? :)
  3. can u get gel seat for other bikes??
    thats look real comfy
  4. Nope - Vincent Motor in a Ducati Frame (the Vincati)

    Phil Pilgrim from Union Jack Motorcycles in Brunswick did it back in the 70's. There's a few getting around these days - especially in the States. I believe most of the motors came from former competition sidecar outfits.

    The Melbourne one however had the stamp of approval from Phil Irving himself. I was at a concours years and years ago and this particular bike was there. An old bloke was looking at closely and muttering to himself things like "lovely piece of work" and "why didn't I think of that"...

    The old bloke was of course the one and only Phil Irving.

    There's a photo of a Vincati here

    and more about Vincents & Phil Irving here

  5. hrmmm....

    a zx7r frame/suspension. naked and all the heavy stuff removed or replaced
    zx10r donk & medium wheelie gearing
    the seat from my old thundercat
    Z1000 headlight
    wide MX bars that are easily changable for low torture rack clipons


    i will do a zx9r motor when/if i get a few spare bucks
    i will be redoing the seats with foam thats a little softer than solid redgum :shock:
    i will eventually find a z1000 headlight

    and i can live with just the mx bars i've got and the weight of the thing, but while i'm dreaming :grin:
  6. This will be one of those "Who was the greatest bowler" arguments. The SS900 Ducati was a beautiful machine in its own right and I contend that dropping the Vincent donk into it made it exotic, but not necessarily better. It strikes me as something to do "because i can". The Norvin takes a great frame (cursed with a stodgy motor) and a great engine (housed in a Vincent's Meccano frame) and mates them in the best of both.

    If Phil thought it was good, I guess I'll have to concede. But a Vincati? Porridge bolognese, anyone?
  7. But you've got a Vincent Single in the one you've shown us :p

    Anyhow, the suspension was the drawback for the Black Shadow. If the Girdraulic forks were not scrupulously maintained they could get into a serious tank slapper at high speed.

    By putting the Vincent Engine into the Duke frame the handling is vastly improved - straight line stability is better, cornering is much quicker and most importantly - it fits without much modification needed

    The original Vincati I saw was actually a combination of the early 750 and a Vincent engine. I doubt that there are all that many 900SS frames going spare :grin:

    I would have said an SR500 motor or similar in a Norton frame. :LOL:

    I have also seen reports of a CB450 Honda engine in one (back in the days when it was the biggest engine Honda made :LOL: ). Apparently it worked very well - although I'm bit sceptical. Having owned a couple of DOHC 450's I would have expected that the engine was a little top heavy and a little tall to be a good transplant although the motor was a nice piece of engineering in its day.

  8. Well Im buying a graphite 675 soon (when they hit Oz). Most probably get a gel seat, I'll see how the stock one feels. If you want to sit on the bike or whatever, let me know. I live close to you :)
  9. That's not a bad effort Falcon Lord - looks sweet and reasonably comfy

    I agree with undii, on specs the Daytona 675 has it all (except the stock comfy seat)
  10. It's funny - when I first saw the pics of the 675 I thought its "cats eye" style headlights were original and distinctive.

    Today I saw an almost identical headlight design on a scooter.

    Nothing new under the sun, I guess... :roll:
  11. I don't know of any other 675 cc triples before the daytona 675 ;)