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I think I have found my next bike. VFR800 - thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Well I have spent nearly a year looking around for a replacement for the GS500F, and in 4 weeks I can go for my open licence, so my search is ramping up a bit now.

    There are so many nice bikes out there, but one thing I hate is how on most bikes now the pillion seat is tacked onto the the back up real high, and exhaust pipes that just seem to sit in the middle of nowhere. This is what drew me to the Busa. But now I sit back and look at the VFR it has a single seat for rider and pillion and the exhausts come up under the fender. I like it.

    So I dropped into the new honda shop today at Team moto virginia to sit on one and take a good look. Few things I dont like, but all up its ticking a lot of boxes. Its not too big, so will still work as a daily commuter. Its slightly taller than the GS, which suits my size. Its more comfortable so should do the touring bit better. Its not way overpowered for someone coming off LAMS bike. I am going to organise a test ride after I do my q-ride, first bike on the test ride list.

    SO I am interested in hearing from other VFR owners and pro's and cons.
  2. Hehe someone posted this just recently, and the viffer is a consideration of mine too - though at present im leaning toward a zzr1200... lemme find the linky for ya TRA.

    Here you go:
    Week and a day until full licence for me ;). But will be taking my time upgrading, waiting for the right bike to pop its head up!
  3. Excellent for a daily commuter, comfortable, stable, keeps you out of the wind and rain somewhat (get a taller screen, I got a Double Bubble one.. works great), sounds awesome and has a reputation for being bulletproof.

    Downsides - f**king heavy, a smaller guy would need assistance getting it on/off the centre stand (+1 for having the stand though)
    - Very wide which makes filtering in narrow streets more difficult
    - May need a backrest or different style seat for pillion comfort as it feels like you're about to fall backwards even while cruising gently.

    Depending on your budget and preferences I would look at other large sports tourers as well like the busa, zx-14 and blackbird. They're all similar weight and size except the VFR is just a tiny bit shorter and more upright

    *might be adding more stuff onto this when I think of it
  4. Had my 06 Viffer for 4yrs now & clocked up 36000km (no commuting )&still love her.I have done a few mods over this period as I have become accustomed to the characteristics of the bike.The Vtec took a little to aclimatise to at first but have adjusted my riding style to suit.Also installed a PC3, staintunes & K&N filter which has eased the transition somewhat. In the twisties I find it a fun, responsive machine & by keeping in the rev range above 7k eliminates any Vtec surprises in the corners. First impressions were that it was a heavy bike, but I now no longer find it an issue. I also find the brakes awesome (love the combined braking system)
    As a tourer it also shines.Have done some long stints in the saddle (1x720km non stop except for fuel) without any aches or pains. My wife & I have also done some long trips & she also has no problems with comfort from a pillions aspect. I did have to buy her a sheepskin seat cover tho.
    Servicing can be a little expensive at times. Particularly when the valve clearances need to be done ($1000.00 ish)
    All round it is a fairly bulletproof sports tourer & if you are looking to buy second hand you will pick up a bargain for under $10000 with heaps of mods. Just be patient.
  5. Thanks, Read those threads. Notice a lot of focus on the older models though, and I am looking at 2011 model. Price today I think was 13990. The VFR1200 is like $25000 or there abouts. Too much, I could have a busa for that. the VFR1200 is a serious trouing model. Was keen on that but I really need a daily commuter.

    Filtering is important. Commuting thorugh city traffic is number 1, touring is number 2. I thought the VFR800 was not to bad width wise. Might have to measure it up to the gs500f now you mention it.

    I have read about servicing costs, but never seen a price. You are now scaring me! How does this compare to other bikes?
  6. yeah i checked out that VFR at team moto on sandgate road...

    the cost involved with the V-Tech models seems to be wallet draining and the early models with out the v-tech engine seem to sell at a premium.
    i cant decide what to get after the gs either.

    what suburb you live in TRA
  7. I used to own a vfr800 2007 model cosmic black pearl.
    all standard. power of a vtr1000f, 6500 you get the vtec kick in which lounds lovely and brings the bike to a new level. Just watch the revs in the wet had my rear try to overtake the front once.
    Very comfy bike for you and a pillion . Reliable, linked brakes are to get used too, you can
    use just the foot break and the front breaks as well very balanced...

    just take it easy in the wet as some have learned the hard way ;-)
  8. Boondall, just down the road. Team moto virginia has grown a bit over the last 12 months!

    I have done 10000km's on the bike this year, so thats a major service every 2 years or so..

    How many km's can you expect from a bike before its totally shagged?
  9. I don't think VFR's ever die of natuaral causes =D>
  10. I am a pussy in the wet anyway! In fact you could consider me a slow rider at the best of times.
  11. Had mine an 06 for 3 weeks now awesome bike and comfortable. Power is fantastic and I commute on mine everyday.
    Great all round bike
  12. You wouldn't need to get to 6,300 in the wet. So it's really no biggy. In the wet I am usually tapping up at about 4,500. It has a nice meaty bit of torque there that is very tractable. Mine seems to have a bit of a flat spot about 5,700 so it makes the "valve thing" more pronounced. I love it. It doesn't really have much grunt so yeah it's fun when it hits. Pipes and a pc will smooth it out some more.
    There are plenty of post 02 models out there with 100,000 on them so reliability is up there with the best. Almost so you would not buy new. Play hard and get an 07 08 with low K's and a good service history. Spend the rest on new tyres and pipes. You will also lose a lot of weight getting new cans. A lot of weight sitting up high too.
    Pre 07 had an issue with a bit of the wiring harness and were recalled. Take down the vin and your Honda dealer can tell you if it was fixed.
    I didn't want one. But ended up with one and have grown to really like it. It's so comfy coming from sports bikes. Well the seat is typical Honda and not great.
    Yeah it punches above it's weight in a lot of areas.
  13. Great bike apparently, theres a feature on buying used ones in the latest edition of Australian Road Rider, it would be a good read for you, they let you know common problems, what to look out for etc.
    Check it out (y)
  14. If you like it...go for it! The VFR is an awesome sounding bike....with the aftermarket exhaust. ;) It also has very usably power...which is great for new riders...
  15. Very stable and quite forgiving as well.
  16. I've got a 2008 VFR 800. The only mods I've done are heated grips, a Topbox and a laminar lip screen. (My wife found it very scary as a pillion without the topbox.) I came to it from a VTR250 and I think it was a good move, as while it is very powerful in comparison to the 250, it isn't scary with the delivery of the power. The V-Tec change seems to be more noise than a real change in power, so I don't worry too much about it. The linked brakes are really good as well. I thought I would have a problem with them, but they have been good so far. I take it to work (65 km round trip) in Melbourne traffic and it can filter OK. The only problems I have commuting are the radiator fans in summer make it a pretty hot ride. In the winter and in the rain it is an easy ride, and I have done a lot of rainy rides with it.

    Pro: Great fuel tank 22l easy 300+ km range
    Good performance, comfortable, but maybe could do with helibars and an even higher screen, single side arm means easy tyre changes, centre stand is a real plus, lights are very good, very reliable
    Con: Maybe high service charges, but compared to a car still very low. One of my mates says the colours available are "for Geriatrics", but he has a black Triumph so I wouldn't take much notice of that. Chain drive means some maintenance required that a shaft drive would avoid.

    In reflection, I think I made a good choice with it.