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I think I have a suspect

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. I have a suspicion that it was this fella that riddled my back yard with foil covered chocolate rabbit shit that I am going to have to get the girls to go out and collect :grin:

    There is a story about a HUGE rabbit... and the story is TRUE according to Urban Legend websites and The New York Post.

    He weighs in at 22 pounds (10 kilos) and measures a little over 3 feet (1 metre). He is a breed of rabbit called German giant (how appropriate!). This is his owner, Hans Wagner, struggling to hold him up. From the NY Post article:

    How did German Giant get so big? Wagner said, "We don't feed him an unusual diet. He goes through more than his brothers and sisters, but he eats the same food mix. His favourite food is actually lettuce. He can never get enough of it."

    LOOK AT THOSE FEET! [img:220:305:35c9015160]http://www.nypost.com/photos/news02032006003.jpg[/img:35c9015160]

    The above-displayed photograph and accompanying information were taken from a 3 February 2006 New York Post article. The critter pictured is German Giant, an angora hare belonging to German breeder Hans Wagner. The extraordinarily large hare weights 10 kilos., measures 45cm high on all fours, and stands over 1 metre tall on his hind legs.

    Herr Hare is unusual in another way, he noted. "Unlike some other rabbits I've had, he’s really a gentle character — a gentle giant."

    He's a German Giant, one of the biggest bunnies on the face of the planet, and he’s still growing, according to his owner Hans Wagner, whose hair-raising angora hare was the highlight of a recent rabbit fair in Berlin.

    Now I hope that doesn't give you haremares... sorry nightmares!
  2. :shock: WOW Can i have one of those :grin:
    sure beats cats and dogs ans Wombats :rofl:
    a nice lil pet to send cranky visitors to pat and i would call him Thumper :rofl:

  3. I found his older, larger cousin!

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  5. This thread should be deleted!

    If KFC get wind of this there'll be free upsize for everyone :LOL:
  6. I'm sorry but did anyone notice the uncanny resemblence of the owner to Dr. Harry??
  7. He looks like a cross between Dr Harry and Benny Hill. :LOL:
  8. stew anyone :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Be piss funny if his name was Harry Hill then :p