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I think I have a fueling problem

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, May 9, 2008.

  1. Well this afternoon I have the distinct feeling I am going to be trailering my bike home.
    The Situation breaks down like this.
    I am riding to work and all is O.K. Bike sounds normal, feels normal rides normal.
    I pull up at a set of lights, kick it into first and wait as the lights finish there cycle. Couple of blips and instead of a quick rev climb I get a bit of hesitation. Lights change throttle up clutch out… burble burble burble… that doesn’t feel right.
    Get some pace up, and off she goes, flick it up a gear and it seems OK. Next lights and the bike almost stalls…
    I give a quick blip and it doesn’t really respond well.
    So as a test I pull out the choke and the engine almost cuts completely. Push the choke back in and nurse the poor bike the next couple of blocks to work.
    So… I think for some reason the bike is flooding at idle (Or something along those lines)
    Does any one have any thoughts? Or just book it in for a service?

  2. Mine did that once.. I ended up stuck on the side of the road for a few min spinning it over in bursts. I then turned around to push home (not far) and spun it over and dropped the clutch which while rolling. It started, and seemed fine after that!!.. Rode to work no problems.. very odd. Felt like water in fuel nearly.
  3. I had a very similar problem, turned out to be a dirty carby.

    Don't know where or anything, i just took the whole thing of and hit it all with an air gun.
  4. +1 on dirty carbys. ive pulled a mates GPX250s carbys apart twice becuase they fouled up. his main jets were clogged but. sounds like your pilot jets are the ones giving trouble, smell the exhaust when the bike is at idle that will give a good indication of whether its running rich or lean.
  5. I forgot to mention before:

    Even if it stops having problems, it is still a good idea to clean the carby out.

    These things somehow know when you are going for that certain ride that you just can't have ANY problems with.
  6. To test that theory, get a can of carby cleaner and follow the instructions on it - spray it all around the carb exterior and linkages, then down the throat with the bike running and warm. Doesn't take too long and this might be your fix.

    Otherwise, could it be related to that tube problem Johnny fixed for you that nght?
  7. Was it that pipe or was it garbage in the carbies? We never really confirmed, either way, I took it into the shop to get it looked at, The Front disk needs machining or replacing anyway so I thought I just get it all looked at and get a service while I am at it.
  8. classic crap under the float needle. The needle's not sealing so the carbie gets too much fuel at low revs and thus drowns the spark. As you rev the fuel demand increases and eventually the needle lifts. A this point the bike is now getting the right amount of fuel. which is why it takes off at higher revs.

    If you are lucky with these you can rev the bike to clear them, but it's a good idea to clean the bottom end of the carbies anyway once this starts to happen.

    mechanic: "Just crap in the carbie"
    netrider: "How often do I need to do that?"
  9. Yes it was… :(
    No I didn’t… :shock:
    And so I guessed right :grin: