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I think I got ripped.Bike Service in Sydney. Your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dastrix, May 3, 2009.

  1. A few weeks back I brought a CBR 600 F2, used via Ebay. A good buy and I'm really happy with it - I wanted it serviced and checked over before I did any good riding so I took it to a very well known and recommended workshop in Sydney. I explained at length with the owner my riding history, the bikes history and what I wanted done from the service especially down to what I wanted to spend exactly $700 and asked for them to call me if it was to go over $700. I figured I didn't spend much on the bike and therefore didnt want to invest too much either but still wanted it safe & reliable.

    I dropped the bike around first thing Monday morning. We discussed replacement of the bar grips, chain, potential cam chain (as there was noise) and investigation into the brakes and forks as well as the major service stuff (clearances, fluids etc)

    I call on Wed, and am told the bike isn't ready and needs a rocker cover gasket. I wait and call late Thursday and am told they are still waiting on the gasket and then Friday as well - still no joy. The bike sleeps over the weekend. I give them a buzz on Monday and told them that I need the bike for transport Monday afternoon (6 when they close) and to have it ready as I have uni classes. I arrive at 6.15, bike is not ready. I sit around and wait till 7.15 when finally its ready.... The gasket didnt come in, but they charged me for it anyway as I needed the bike. Its spend 6 days there now...

    I get the bill, the usual items were done and im told the clearances needed attention and the new cam chain, total bill $950. The invoice states that the forks were not attended to (although they told me they did do them, they just didnt charge me for them) , the chain was not replaced and the grips were not replaced. $250 more, no calls about the extra increase, half the stuff I wanted/we discussed wasn't done and it took 6 DAYS!!!! I missed my uni class and sat around for 1hr 15mins whilst they worked on it still..

    I stomached the bill and got over it and walked away. The bike sounded MUCH better and went great. Well, until the next set of lights when smoke was pissing out everywhere but I figured this was oil from around the headgasket that was burning off (I was told the gasket is ok, and I can get a fair bit more life outta it.. umm so why replace it). I took the bike to get new grips at another service shop and got them to check the gasket - they said its fine and doesnt require replacement!

    Yesterday... about a week later I wash the bike. Im paying attention to the brakes, chain etc when I notice the rear brake is as loose as a thai hooker. WHAT THE F?! This aint 'i forgot to tighten a bolt loose' it was apparently loose due to wear. I took it to Procycles that day as its near my house and they tighened the bolts but said this SHOULD HAVE been looked at in my Major Service. Its freaking dangerous and I was so angry..

    So, here i am. $950 poorer, rear back break that needs mounts or replacement, i had to go buy new grips myself, chain is still worse for wear and I dont even know if they looked at my brakes in the service (fluid maybe!? who knows, invoice doesnt state it)

    What do I do? I'm pissed off. Build a bridge and get over it or???
  2. Go back
    Then name and shame if no dice.
  3. +1 for name & shame.

    Check in at the "Businesses and Service Providers" forum.

    There's a number of service providers who are recommended by NR members, and a few best avoided.
  4. Writing them an email before I call them. Anyone knwo what a rocket cover gasket and washer would cost from Honda??? They charged me $90 but that seems VERY expensive given a cam chain is $98.95!!!
  5. Can you post up a copy of the invoice? They can't charge for what they didn't do...

    One of the best things about the F2/F3's are that they are pretty easy to work on.

    Bar grips, cam chain tensioner (assume tensioner - not cam chain), brakes and forks are all really easy to fix up yourself.

    Do yourself a favor and grab a Haynes manual for your bike and stop being ripped by mechanics that don't have your best interests in mind.
  6. I'm fairly ok with mechanical things but I dont have the tools or workspace to complete such things. The cam tensioner was fine, so the entire cam chain was replaced. They claim they serviced the forks, new oil etc, fixed some settings inside..

    Invoice states:

    Replace Oil, Filter, Sump Plug ($46.19,17.90,2.00)
    Clean AirFilter & Airbox, Lube Airfilter
    Drain Carb Fuel float bowls
    Drain coolant and remove radiator
    Check and adjust valve clearances
    Replace Valve shims ($97.50)
    Replace Cam Chain ($98.95)
    Replace Spark Plugs ($18.00
    Replace Coolant ($17.60)
    Balance and adjust carbs
    Clean throttle tube
    lube and adjust chain
    lube and adjust clutch cable
    check lights horn indicators
    tyre pressured
    lube pivot points
    Repair front RH indicator connectors
    Head cover gasket & washers ($90.10)

    Labour $ 80 per hour, 6 Hours - $480

    TOTAL Cost $955.06

    I assume they charged me for the gasket as I told them on Monday I needed the bike back regardless for transport and he stated they needed to charge me. I dont have the gasket, i assume they do. They had the bike for 6 full days, does it take that long to get a gasket and do a major??

    See the TOTAL LACK OF BRAKE items?!?
  7. Pity you don't have the space.

    Do the forks feel any different? You should be able to tell if they have serviced them by checking the colour of the fork oil - but you may not wish to go to those lengths.

    If they did actually do all that work to the carbs and valves then it is entirely possible to has taken that long. Sounds like they were not thorough with their workings and omitted a brake check. That's not good practice.

    I did note the lack of any brake items on the invoice list, but there is also a lack of fork items. That makes me a bit suspect as to if they have been done as that's an hour job in itself.
  8. I was told they were done and they do feel a bit better.. how can I check the fork oil ;)
  9. You'll need an adjustable wrench (about 17mm from memory) and a 22mm socket and long driver also a long clear tube.

    Loosen the top cap on a fork leg (socket and driver). Loosen the preload right out (adjustable wrench). Now take off the top cap completely. Put tube in the leg and draw some fluid up the tube and look at the colour. Reverse process to put back together. Ensure the preload is set exactly the same on both forks.

    If the oil looks murky and black there's a very good chance it hasn't been done. The oil should be a light watery honey colour - at least the fork oils I've seen have been that.
  10. The bike feels better you say except for the rear brake not being tightened?
    Seems like they did most of the work except for the gasket.
    I would request that the gasket cost be refunded since they didn't change it.
    Otherwise they worked on your bike and did the service.
    Next time take it elsewhere because loose brakes are a very dangerous omission.
    Also Query the bill straight away, don't wait to write an email they will probably never reply to.
  11. smee, its not tightened its worn! they didnt even check it. I had procycles tighten it but its still very lose. My point is, its a major service yet they omitted the brakes?

    You're right, ill get the cost of the gasket back.
  12. Sorry, misread the brake bit.
    Yep take it up with them in person ASAP.
  13. Email sent.. ill give em a call
  14. I obviously wasnt there and didnt see/hear what happened, but when you put a $$ limit on the job like that it can go 2 ways. Either they start at one end of the bike and fix what they find as they go until they hit the $$ limit or they apply a bit of judgement and prioritise what to look at and go down that list till they hit the $$ limit. Obviously a priority list would be preferred but from what you have said that wasnt asked for - you left it up to them. Either way you can still have very important things not done because the $$ limit was hit. I know they went over but not by a great deal (imo), it may of been the last thing they did took it from under $700 to over. Dont get me wrong, I'm not on their side just offering a possible explanation.

    Oh yeah.. saying they did the forks but didnt charge for it sounds like a stretch of credibility but not impossible I guess.
  15. Well, i gave them a priority list. Brakes, Forks, Cam Chain!

    anyway, it appears they didn't a f about the bike as I figure any decent shop would check brakes if they did a major..

    Sydney City motorcycles wanted $1k in parts/labour to replace the entire rear brake plys master cyclinder kit . I laughed and walked out!

    Sydney Motorcycle wreckers think ill need 2 metal rear shims @ $12 each plus some labour.

    Needless to say the bike is going there this afternoon...
  16. they probs topped it up with thick oil to make it sound better/mask noise. is the oil new? SHIFTY DOGS
  17. Yeah, im sure the oil is fine, the filter looks brand new. Im going to get the guys at the shop to give it a quick check (check if they relpaced brake fluid etc)
  18. ok I didnt read it that way from the original post is all. At the risk of sounding like I'm defending what is probably a shonky service, maybe they looked and came up with the same $$$ as SCM so didnt do it because of the limit....pretty unprofessional not to at least tell you though.
  19. Live and Learn! Hopefully the boys at Sydney Motorcycle wreckers will sort me out ;)
  20. The good boys at SMW managed to fit a wreckers rear caliper and new chain - bike runs even better now :) New seat on its way too!

    Anyone know what the retail is on those 530 chains?