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I think I found my next purchase

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. From seeing this, http://videos.streetfire.net/video/9664C113-47AF-4F3D-8E4F-4064C2B6EB4D.htm I really would love to have one or two :) Looks like good fun when you aren't actually riding on your bike . I've been pointed to a place that sells http://www.formbymodelshop.com/index.asp?function=DISPLAYPRODUCT&productid=38 . Does anyone know where to get RC bikes locally or somewhere where they have purchased from before?

    Having a few of us with R/C bikes somewhere would be a fun event to do here and there :) We could ride together on bikes, go to whatever destination, have a bit of fun with the R/C ones and ride again afterwards. Should be good for a few laughs. Does anyone own any or have used them before?
  2. Haven't got one (YET) but I want I want I want

    anyone up for a group buy :wink:
  3. localy... no
    But I have had transactions with Tower Hobbies
    And also with RCMart

    Both a good,
    Tower is in teh US, and RCMart is in Hong Kong
    I have bought multiple RC Cars and parts from each of them and never had any issue that wasn't handled promptly and effectivly.

    You could contact hearns in melbourne http://www.hearnshobbies.com/ they arn't bad, but you will never match importing for price.

    I would say keep away from The Hobbie Place on lonsdale St, they are a bunch of unhelpfull tossers. i have never had a good experiance walking into that shop.
  4. Cheers for the links and info Falcon-lord :) Fireblade, get one and we'll definitely have some RC bike days :>
  5. Thanks for the links!!

    I purchased my last RC Car from Hearns and they were great to deal with but definitely not as cheap as the importing price...

    I'll probably look at importing my next RC Car/Bike... just have to work out what I want and what I'm prepared to pay...

    Is there any tracks out there for the RC Bikes?? Or are they good enough around the same tracks that the RC Car clubs use?? I wasn't able to view the video link that you posted Waz coz it gets blocked at my work so wasn't sure how tight they can corner??
  6. You have to use the RC Car tracks... there is one at templestowe somewhere... if people seriosly want to start getting some RC bike racing together I would be interested.

    BTW The templestow track is Electric only so we wouldn't be able to go for nitro there.
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  8. There is a pretty average RC car track in Dandenong behind the indoor basketball centre.
  9. I use a dinky little BMX track near Thompsons Rd and Sth Gippsland Hwy, Cranbourne, for my electric r/c buggy.
  10. Are they electric rc bikes? looks good with the little headlights and tail lights
  11. Yeah that's the only R/C track I've been to... not a bad little track, but pretty tight corners and not sure the bikes would suit that one? :?