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I think I am in lurve, GSX 1300 B King

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hardhat, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Up grading from a nice 1999 GSXF 750 I have noticed the GSX 1300 B King.

    I personally find it unique and about the right model for what I use a bike for.

    Tried it at the local dealer today, cheap as chips because they have not sold well due to the ugly exhausts I suppose.

    Drive away is $16.700 which is amazing considering the Busa motor, but it needs lower peg kit ($700) as my legs just don't fit under the plastic tank flanks.

    Perhaps a set off slip-on exhaust cans later on and I think there is a bargain bespoke performance bike with some degree of individuality and character.

    Can I ask constructive comment from more experienced riders?


  2. I had exactly the same issue - couldn't fit my legs under the tank. Can't offer any advice on the bike but that is a great driveaway price.
  3. A bit of a bargain at this price, but have you checked what the insurance will cost you on that thing?
    And don't forget to budget for aftermarket pipes because stock ones really have to go.
  4. Talking to the dealer the pegs and pipes were deliberately kept up high for ground clearance for radical cornering if you believe that. It may explain the pipes but not the poor peg placement.

    The pipes can be fixed for around $850 with slip on kit, the result is that they dont protrude past the rear overhang line, as a bonus the sound is improved.

    Wont be in my budget immediately but will be on a Christmas list, perhaps 2011.. and avoiding perhaps any warranty claim issue on the motor.

    Insurance is a lot lower than the Busa due to being naked however its a quote I am waiting on. I will post prices when received.
  5. Just found this http://www.streetfightersinc.com/B-KingAccessories.htm Lowering kit for $US175 - strong dollar so good saving

    Bound to be a Forum for these somewhere where they've tried all the different models of accessories as well :woot:
  6. Will be interested to hear a review if you do go ahead with it as it's one of the things I'm considering next. There's a very nice one for sale slightly second-hand on Bikesales at the moment with basically all the tweaks I'd want to do already done, so that may be worth a look for you...
  7. D'oh - that one seems to be gone, but there is one with 2200 km on it for $13,500. Save yourself the 3 grand (and running in!) and get it how you want it straight away with half what you saved. ;-)
  8. They should be quite flickable once all the high rearward weight of the stock pipes crashes to earth.
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    I also find myself drawn to this bike for some strange reason. Had a good look at one at the dealership yesterday while they were fitting new tires on my bike. I must be one of the lucky ones, as my knees slot in neatly under the tank flanks. Felt quite comfortable to sit on and not really that heavy. I have seen a few with Yoshi cans on that improves the look dramatically.

  10. I must be one of the minority that think the stupid cans look kinda cool :)
  11. i like the look stock as well.