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I think he maybe walking for a while

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, May 9, 2008.

  1. On the way home from work this afternoon, as I pass the Shell on the Westgate I see a CBR900 streetfighter waiting to get onto the bridge.

    Thought it was strange for the rider not to split to the front but hey......

    10 mins later I go past the Western Ring Road off ramp and the above bike goes flying past me at Mach 3.8, well, maybe at around 130, 140km/h.

    5 mins later as I've come over the 2nd Hoppers exit there is Mr TMU, lights flashing and who is taking of their helmet, yup, Mr CBR900.

    At a guess, if they speed checked him where they normally sit, he was bloody moving to make it up and over the bridge before being pulled over.

    Hopefully it was just a fine but I suspect it may be a bit worse for this bloke.

    I've seen him ride most mornings and I think he has a digital throttle with just the 2 positions, 0% and 100%.

    Anyone from here is it??
  2. this the one with the purplish back end vic? if so i wouldnt mind having a few words to him myself.. fcuker has numerous times cut me off and done some dumb shit that he has been lucky to walk away from or not cause others to crash because of his actions. sometimes a little thought on how what you do will effect others goes a long way.
  3. He must have been stuck in 3rd.
  4. I think you mean "walk to work" Hornet.

    Is this the rogue CBR900 rider that is responsible for all the silly incidents all over the city?

    Maybe he/she was just trying to get away from that psycho car driver that travels the city terrorising motorcyclists.

    I don't know the guy/gal but I'm sure there was a perfectly logical reason for their actions!
  5. Remember folks, you are only a knucklehead if you get CAUGHT speeding.

    Now let's all jump on our K1200's and putt around at 60k's per.... :wink:
  6. "At 225km/h on a bike ... if you're going to go into an Armco railing or a tree, there's only one result," he added.

    very true
  7. Wrong. You are a knucklehead for thinking you're not going to get caught. :roll:
  8. Yah!!!! That's him :)

    Shows me how well he can mono each time I'm beside him at a set of lights.
  9. I know this guy, seen him splitting over the westgate once or twice. He rides like he is immortal.
  10. i got no issue with the speeding, we're all guilty of that, its the riding like a knob and not thinking about the rest of traffic and pushing his luck all the time that gets me. one day he'll get hit and injured and next thing he'll be on here bitching about stupid cagers. the guy is an idiot, and rides as such. hope its not my cars he dents with his head.