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I.T. question; can I have my cake and eat it too?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. I have rolled my desktop machine back from Win10 to Win7 because my two favouritist games, Doom and its variations, and Microprose Grand Prix III won't run properly (in a tiny window, colours all wrong, slow). But I really like Win10 so I was wondering if there's some sort of emulation trick I can use to keep all the nice features of the new OS and also my twenty-year old games?
    (Please, no Linux/Mac etc suggestions, ok??)
    The machine is an i3 chip, 8gb of ram, 128gb SDD, etc

  2. I don't play either games so I can't help too much on what is needed to get it working, but if you want to use windows 10 and it ran fine in windows 7 could you have a windows 7 virtual machine that you run purely to play it? Oracle VM VirtualBox

    If you just get a Windows 7 image you can run it in Virtual Box and install Doom etc. on it as if it were just any other Windows 7 computer.
  3. There used to be a built in emulation system that allowed you to run older Windows software on a newer version. I think you could get to it from the properties of the launcher (right click, properties) but I'm not sure.
    Other than that you could set up a virtual machine, with VirtualBox or one of the others, and have your older version installed in that, only booting the VM when you want to play your fav demon shooters.
  4. Thanks guys I'll give it a go....
  5. Haven't used 10 yet but if you right click the game exe you can choose to run it in compatibility mode, worth a shot anyway (AFAIK win10 isn't massively different from 7 so should be some backwards compatibility)
  6. Have you thought about making a partition for win7 and setting the pc up to dual boot. That would be the cleanest way to do it i would think.
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  7. bugger that, @ hornet grab a Virtual Machine and install windows 7 on it, and run it off windows 10, your games wont know the difference. If you need help I am sure any number of us could walk you through it.
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  8. The simple way would be dual boot, 10 when you want to do stuff, 7 when its game time
  9. Dont boots usually come in pairs ?
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  10. Why don't you get a bike and learn to ride? Much more fun and you get to see the world around you! ;-)
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  11. I tried that once. The graphics were fantastic, but the game play and story line sucked.
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  12. You must ride different stories to me.
  13. I'm running W10
    Right click on the .exe file
    Choose Properties
    Select Compatibility tab
    Tick Compatibility mode and select Windows 7 from the dropdown box.
    There are other settings too like 'disable display scaling' and there is a 'run compatibility troubleshooter' option.
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  14. I got my bike licence in 1974: you might have an idea there.....
  15. IT Answer: "The cake is a lie". ;-)
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  16. Real IT Answer: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" :joyful::D
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  17. Sorry - couldn't resist the above. If you don't know where it's from - you've missed out on an awesome game. (The sequal was even better!) Portal & Portal 2

    . As others have mentioned, I use virtualisation to host virtual machines for my older games.

    As I see it Virtualisation vs Second Partition:

    A second partition will give the Operating System direct access to your new hardware. This may result in performance increases however with the game that you have of that age, you won't notice any differences.

    The advantages of VMWare/Virtualbox is that the entire virtualised computer is stored in a few files. This can be copied onto a new machine and requires very little to get going again. So in the future if you update your computer again, you don't have to go through the whole process of re-partitioning and re-installing and reactivating Windows 7 all over again. If you wanted to play LAN / networked with a friend (remember those days before the interweb :) ) then you just give him a copy of the virtual machine, and you both can run it up straight away. (Legal note: Provided he has a legitimate license of Win 7 and Doom as well :) )

    This may seem not that important, but I have virtual machines with games from the DOS days running on DOS OS's - nice to not have had to install and configure them again and again over the countless PC's I've had since. :)
  18. My main character just keeps getting older and there's no respawn points that I can find. I still can't work out how to mine for fish, either.
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  19. [retro game nerd more on]
    For old dos games the best thing is using a DOSBox, a powerful, game-oriented DOS emulator. It works with almost all DOS games and has a lot of front-end programs which makes it even easier to use. It has a detailed tutorial and heaps of info regarding it's configuration and running available on it's hope page but if you will have any troubles with it, shoot me a message, I'll help you out. BTW, in case of Doom, you might be interested in having a look at something like Retrodoom or Doom legacy. Those ones are modern ports of the game, with it's source code remade by fans to work with modern OSes.

    GP 3 however is an early Win game as far as I know so it might be a bit tricky to run it on a modern OS. Aforementioned OracleVM aka VirtualBox with Win7(or even something older like Win98 if you'll be able to get it) might be a good choice. Another alternative is to set up a dual-boot environment with either Win7 or Ubuntu Linux with Wine installed(latter might be an overkill in this case).

    In any case, I'll be happy to help if you will need any further help. Making an old game run on a modern PC is like rebuilding a classic bike to me. :)
    [retro game nerd more off]
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