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[I.T.] Keyboards, keyboards

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, May 15, 2010.

  1. Having owned a computer of some sort of other since 1984, and over the years perhaps a hundred or more, of all the things that bugs me most is how lousy most keyboards are. This was compounded in 1990 when I went to work for an IBM company, and spent every day extolling the virtues of the famous 'IBM Touch' keyboard.

    Of late, last year or so, I've had perhaps eight or nine keyboards, and hated every single one of them, wired or wireless, curved or straight, low-rise keys or high, etc etc. Today I bought a new 'scrabble-tile' keyboard, a lot like the new Mac effort. I used it for an hour, couldn't type properly on it for nuts, and gave up. I went out to the shed and got an old 1991 Model-M IBM keyboard out of my parts bin, cleaned it up and attached it. Bliss. It weighs about two tonnes, sounds like a mainframe board, has no multimedia keys, no Windows-navigation keys, no gamer-specific keys, nothing. It's just designed to do one thing; translate my fingers into text and motion, and nothing does it better.

    Is it ugly?

    Is it low-tech?


    Do I care?

    No :LOL:.
    IBM Keyboard.
  2. Dunno about anyone else, but I have never used the fancy special keys on my Microsoft keyboard. All of my work is solely confined to the alphanumeric part of the keyboard.

    So, your keyboard would not be low tech by my use criteria - it has all the keys I normally use and none of the keys I never use.

    I have to say, I loathe the tiny Mac keyboards with a passion (they are useless for touch typing at speed) and love my curved Microsoft keyboard. So much so, I have transplanted it to my iMac.
  3. Too true..
    I've beome used to them though as I have no choice but to use laptops too often...
    Always prefer a full size keyboard but can type at similar speeds on either.

    One of my pet hates these days is the current fashion of black keyboards...
    Darn pain in darker rooms as not all keyboards are the same.
    Specially hate a the small right shift key on some.
    And on laptops the Del, Home, End and a few other keys can be anywhere.
    Once again great in a dark room with black keyboard.
  4. I'll take it off your hands and try it out if you don't want it (for a suitable fee, of course).
  5. get a G15
  6. Ahh the typewriter of keyboards. I've still got a few floating around my cupboard. And I have the same speakers.

    Seriously the people responsible for this should be shot.
    These people should be shot too!
  7. when i buy a laptop I insist on having full sized keys.
  8. I am so with ya, banging this out on a honeywell that has to be close to 20 years old, metal base and all!
  9. But not the crappy revision version with the orange backlight. Find a place that imports the originals they are so much better.

    *Pats his lovely g15*
  10. yeah best keyboard i have ever used.
  11. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me...

    What's the deal with USB keyboards? Doesn't that mean you need a driver to use the bloody thing? How are you supposed to get into the BIOS?

    What the hell is wrong with the ol' PS/2 connection? Just seems stupid too me.
  12. I'm the exact opposite. I've used a laptop for years and now for work I have to try and get used to a normal keyboard again. Damn clunky old thing... might as well be using a ribbon reel typewriter. ;)
  13. Whats a typewriter?
  14. USB is hot plugable. PS/2 isn't.
    USB will work in BIOS, but you usually need to enable usb keyboard and mouse support in it so it will work in other systems like for example getting a bootable cd to work.
  15. Whats a keyboard? I interface with my PC by pairing my brain to it over bluetooth.
  16. Jirf that would imply you have a brain :p
  17. I have the Apple aluminium keyboard, bluetooth and love it. I've gotten so used to it, other keyboards now feel klunky and I hate their key feel. I suppose it depends on what you get used to.
  18. The ultimate backup when all the power fails and you need to produce a document ASAP.

    Typewriters are the reason I can touch type.
  19. Hehe, I still have one of those exact keyboards floating around in my cupboard :tantrum:
  20. Always buy the most basic keyboard I can find.

    Corded and straight - that's what I want.