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I.T help connecting to wireless

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by GOOSH, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. so this is one for all the i.t guys..

    at uni, you can bring your laptop from home and connect up to the universities wireless..
    and now since i have a fancy new phone: nokia n97.. i would like to be able to hook this up to the uni's wireless.. there is only one problem...

    when i search for wireless networks, the phone finds it, but cant connect and does nothing... i went and asked the i.t guys at the uni and they were of no help.. if i had a laptop, they would of helped. they also said if i had an iPhone they would also...

    so i was wondering, any ideas as to what i can do to try and gain access to the wireless network..
    going to the faq site for it
    http://w2.vu.edu.au/library/webaccess/wireless/faq_npt.htm#vu_portabledevice , its mentions about pda's and phones..

    there response:
    Laptops are the only devices currently supported by Victoria University. You are welcome to try connecting with your portable device, however configuration assistance by ITS will be limited.

    so by looking at that answer, it makes me think that it is possible to log onto the wireless network with my phone, its just that the IT department wont help me..

    so if you have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.. thanks guys
  2. If the system is like ours at work then the laptops have a software security certificate which must be installed in each laptop. It's doubtful that a certificate can be made for the Nokia as we have had problems attaching phone devices such as yours and the iPhones to the system.
  3. It appears your uni is relying on VPN for wireless security and therefore hasn't even set up WEP or WPA on the wireless network itself.

    Your phone will be able to connect the wireless network of course (sure you've figured that part out) because no key is required, but you won't be able to run their VPN on your phone as they only have clients for Windows and Mac (which might be why they say they can support iPhone).
  4. Told ya to buy the iPhone :p
  5. What they said. Most uni's have no problem connecting to the 'wireless' part, to get the traffic however you need a VPN login etc etc. Get a laptop, get that connected, open the program/VPN connection they make you run and see if you can mimic that on your phone.
  6. Aren't the Nokia's running some form of Unix though as an OS ?
  7. no idea. but does that really matter? All i remember from uni was the VPN connection stuff to get any traffic over the wireless network... hijacking the network cable from the lab computers was handy as all hell for unblocked internet and torrenting while doing lab work!! =D
  8. oh smart idea browny.. any other cool little hints... since you went there and would most likely know most of them
  9. alas, if your going to vic uni, footscray campus I can teach you about the electrical lab computers, not sure about the rest but worth a try.

    Get a laptop, get the VPN software, work out how that works and try and mimic that on your phone.
  10. The N97 doesn't have VPN support. You're not going to get it working.

    Vic was right, shoulda bought an iPhone, which does have VPN support ;)